Yao Lao is the spirit living in Xiao Yan's ring. He is a very high class Receptarier. He is the reason why Xiao Yan had lost his powers because he was taking Xiao Yan's Dou Qi to awaken himself from a deep slumber. He is now Xiao Yan's master.

Appearance Edit

Yao Lao has long white hair and wide red eyes. His skin is very pale and he has a tall, lean figure.

In the light novel, he is described as an old man and has a beard.

Personality Edit

He tends to make fun of Xiao Yan however he is quite fond of Xiao Yan and will protect him even if he is in spirit form. He has a tendency to scare Xiao Yan a lot. He has quite a playful personality in the manhua.

His light novel counterpart has a different personality even though they both wish the best for their disciple the light novel counter part is more mature and more serious.

History Edit

He was abandoned by the Yao clan because he has very thin amount of Dou Di blood within him.

He founded Falling Star Pavilion along with Feng Zun-Zhe before going out to adventure.

In the past, Yao Lao traveled the world with his friends who were all Venerates ( Dou Zun).

He was a renowned alchemist that can easily rally people to assist him.

He won first place in a competition held by Pill Tower. He would have been accepted to the inner circle of Pill Tower but declined.

An elder of Pill Tower holds romantic feelings towards him.

He spent 8 years waiting for the Bone Chilling Flame.

Yao Lao was murdered by his first disciple Han Feng, who was assisted by the Spirit Hall, who wanted to obtain Yao Lao's soul. It was at this point he managed to escape into the storage ring that was given to Xiao Yan.

Trivia Edit

  • He felt the presence of an Essence Flame within Jia Nan Academy in the past but he could not confirm the location.
  • It has been hinted that Yao Lao knows who Lu Man is.
  • He does not have any wife and children.
  • He dotes on Xiao Xiao a lot and wants to train he as an alchemist.