Ya Fei is the head auctioneer of the Primer Family. She possesses devilish charms and the ability to sell anything.

Xiao Yan has once said that although she may not have the talent for fighting but she sure has the talent for auctioning.

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Light Novel Edit

A mature woman wrapped in a red robe. The tight, red dress thoroughly hugged her exquisite body. Her curvy waist swayed so radiantly and gracefully from side to side that it caused others to covet it. From the bottom of the dress came a straight cut that came upwards to her thigh, both revealing and hiding her dazzling leg beneath.[1]

Manhua Edit

Ya Fei has golden hair, and sea blue eyes. She has a pale but beautiful complexion. She wears the same costume at all times.

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She is very cunning and has feelings for Xiao Yan.But she denied this fact and told Xiao Xun'er that Xiao Yan and she had business relationship.

History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She was the only one who managed to figure out that Xiao Yan was in disguise when he was selling his medicine at the Miteer Auction House
  • It was Ya Fei who ordered the shadow corps to spread rumors across The Jia Ma Empire to scare away people.
  • A lot of people who came to the Miteer Auction House was so that they can meet Ya Fei and not for the item that were being auction. Some even dared to masturbate (Light Novel).

Light Novel Edit

  • She showed a small interest in becoming a Receptarier but was sad because she knew that she had no talent in such things.
  • When Ya Fei found out Xiao Yan was the mysterious man, he brought her to a lover shop. Not only did he slightly threaten her about revealing his identity, he had quite a cold attitude towards her this contrast to the manhua.
  • Afterward, due to many transactions between the Miteer Auction House and Xiao Yan, he maintains a friendly relationship with Ya Fei. He's also seen to have a flirty attitude with her, as he hugged her once and drank wine from a cup she had.


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