Although he had spent unimaginable amount of effort compared to an ordinary person during his training journey, his journey was still considered smooth sailing. This kind of feeling where one was not even able to advance an inch over decades was something that he had never experienced nor did he wish to experience. Perhaps, this route might be one that many people would have to undergo, but he knew that for him, who was practicing ‘Flame Mantra’, his journey to obtain strength would be different from others, similarly, however, this route would also possess a much greater risk than usual training.[1]

Dou Qi Cultivation Edit

# Class/Level Chapter Manhua Age Details
1 Dou Zhi Qi / Dou Disciple
3-Star 1 1 15 Yao Lao using his Dou Qi for 3 years
4-Star 15 6 15 Absorbing green liquid made by Yao Lao
5-Star 19 7 15 Cruel training and the green liquid
6-Star 26 9 15 Intensive training for 3 months
7-Star 27 15 Using Foundation Elixir for one month
8-Star 36 10 16 Comical breakthrough
9-Star 53 13 16 Breakthrough in the sleep with Xun Er's help
2 Dou Zhe / Dou Practitioner 65


16 Consuming Qi Gathering Pill
4-Star 96 19 17 Consuming Yao Lao's elixirs and doing alchemy
5-Star 119 17 Training under Yao Lao
6-Star 121 17 Training with logs
7-Star 130 26 17 Training
9-Star 143 30 17 Consuming Amethyst Essence with Yun Yun's help
3 Dou Shi / Dou Master 159 17 Qi Method Evolution
1-Star 182 17 Dou Qi advancing toward the peak of a one-star Dou Shi
2-Star 202 39 17 Training on the Green Colored Lotus Platform
4-Star 231 40 17 Help of the Green Lotus Core Flame
6-Star 267 18 Consuming Core-Fire Lotus Seed
7-Star 291 18 Absorbing Searing Poison while treating Nalan Jie
4 Da Dou Shi / Dou Grandmaster 331


18 Consuming Three Lines Green Spirit Pill
2-Star 369 18 Leftover effects of medicinal pills
3-Star 370 18 Leftover effects of medicinal pills
4-Star 376 91 18 An escape from the mouth of a Dou Wang class Magical Beast
6-Star 423 110 19 Advancement during the fight against Bai Shan
7-Star 478 124 19 Training in the 2nd level of the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower for four days
8-Star 491 128 19 Training in the 4th level of the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower
9-Star 520 128 19 The washing and refining of bones by the Core Quenching Body Milk
5 Dou Ling / Dou Spirit 521 140


The washing and refining of bones by the Core Quenching Body Milk
1-Star 538 19 After ending his training retreat
2-Star 549 19 Fighting against the challengers on the Strong Ranking
3-Star 554 19 Training in Room No. 1 in 6th level of the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower
5-Star 582 19 Fight against Liu Qing in the Strong Ranking Grand Competition
6 Dou Wang / Dou King




Being grilled by the Fallen Heart Flame for one year

9-Star 620 161 21 Merging of the Green Lotus Flame and the Fallen Heart Flame
7 Dou Huang / Dou Emperor 751 173


Normal Cultivation

1-Star 778 176 22 Fight against Three Mulan Elders and Yan Luo Tian
2-Star 810 191 22 Refining the thread of the Demon Poison Spot
3-Star 814 23 Fight against various Magical Beasts
4-Star 855 204 23 Refining medicinal pills
5-Star 894 23 Refining leftover medicinal strength
6-Star 906 208 23 Consuming at least 60 fire beads of the Fire Lizard Race
7-Star 937 24 Using the lightning strength from the Pill Lightning
9-Star 976 24 Consuming the Mighty Huang Pill
8 Dou Zong / Dou Ancestor 1011 236


Absorbing energy at the bottom of the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool

1-Star 1013 24 His strength has been already stabilized at the level of a one-star Dou Zong
2-Star 1077 255 24 Refining the Demon Poison Spot
3-Star 1113 25 Refining the Demon Poison Spot
4-Star 1114 263 25 Completely refining the Demon Poison Spot and absorbing the energy within medicinal ingredients
9-Star 1207 292 26 Swallowing the Three Thousand Burning Flame
9 Dou Zun / Dou Venerate 1229


Activated effect of the Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill and 1 year of collecting energy

1-Star 1232 27 Activated effect of the Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill and 1 year of collecting energy
2-Star 1277 27 Consumed Dou Sheng's bone marrow gel
4-Star 1293 27 Swallowing the Bone Chilling Flame
5-Star 1310 28 Training in the Void Lightning Pool
6-Star 1345 28 Absorbing Energy Cores
8-Star 1364 28 Absorbing energy from the blood pool left by Xiao Xuan
9-Star 1412 28 Training in the Heaven Demon Blood Pool
Nine Change Peak 1426 28 Experiencing 100 reincarnation with the help of Bodhisattva Ancient Tree
10 Dou Sheng / Dou Saint 1438


Refining the Bodhisattva Heart

1-Star 1438 31 Refining the Bodhisattva Heart
2-Star 1484 31 Having his body tempered by the bloodline 
5-Star 1523 33 Swallowing the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame
6-Star 1582 34 Refining portion of the Tier 9 Mysterious Pill
7-Star 1614 34 Consuming the Lightning Calamity Pill
11 Dou Di / Dou God 1644 35

Inheritance of the Tou She Ancient God

T/N: '?' is written because it is not known but estimated to have reached due to a dialogue while '-' means skipped.

T/N: Many of the ranks are not like broken through but known to have broken through before and other people realizing it.

Qi Method Evolution Edit

Xiao Yan's Qi Method is Flame Mantra and to evolve it requires Heavenly Flames.

Class Level Chapter Details
Huang Low 67 Xiao Yan chose Flame Mantra as the Qi Method
Middle 160 Swallowing Purple Flame
High - Skipped
Xuan Low - Skipped
Middle 235 Swallowing 'Green Lotus Core Flame'
High - Skipped
Di Low 618 Swallowing 'Fallen Heart Flame'
Middle - Skipped
High 1208 Swallowing 'Three thousand Star Burning Flame'
Tian Quasi 1293 Swallowing 'Bone Chilling Flame'
Low 1487 Swallowing 'Sea Heart Flame'
High 1521 Swallowing 'Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame'

Spiritual Strength - Soul Edit

It is common knowledge that the spirit is the most important foundation of an alchemist. Only with a powerful soul will one possess sufficient Spiritual Perception and Spiritual Control.

Something like the soul was too illusionary and indistinct to the experts of this era. Spiritual Strength was also colorless and without form. One would have difficulty detecting and dealing with it. Very few people had seen something similar to a human-shaped soul. After all, forming an illusionary soul into a human form, which did not scatter for a long time, was something that even some elite Dou Zuns had difficulty achieving.[2]

# Spiritual State Chapter Details
1 Mortal State 166 After becoming alchemist, everyone is in this state
2 Soul State 1177 In chapter 1126 Xiao Yan touched Soul State and by consuming the Core Soul Marrow he reached the Soul State
3 Heavenly State 1438 After he became Dou Sheng, his spiritual strength reached Heavenly State
4 Di State 1599 Refining the Soul Essence of the Heavenly Tomb Soul

Alchemist Tier Edit

Alchemist Tier Chapter
Tier 1 121
Tier 2 167
Tier 3 266
Tier 4 386
Tier 5 503
Tier 6 654
Tier 7 1010-1044
Tier 7 (Mid/High Grade) 1126
Tier 8 1177
Tier 9 1447
Tier Di 1599

Heavenly Flames Edit

Heavenly Flame

Rank Chapter Location
Green Lotus Core Flame 19 227 Tager Desert
Fallen Heart Flame 14 618 Jia Nan Academy
Three thousand Star Burning Flame 9 1205 Pill Tower
Bone Chilling Flame 11 1293 From Yao Lao
Sea Heart Flame 15 1487 Old Mu Gu from Hall of Souls
Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame 3 1521 Demon Flame Realm
Emperor Flame 1 1644 Ancient God Mansion

Trivia Edit

  • Back when he was four, it took him 6 years to get to 9 Duan Dou Qi. Even with his talent, getting to 7 Duan Qi in just one year was hopeless.[3]
  • Even though for the past three years his Dou Qi has always been declining, his foundation in Dou Qi is much firmer than other people. In Dou Qi training, the foundation is the most important![4]
  • To gain one Duan Qi in 3 months, although this speed is slower compared to the two months needed for reaching 5 Duan Qi, Xiao Yan was still very satisfied. When he was training before, it took him an entire half year to go from 5 Duan Qi to 6 Duan Qi.[5]


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