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  • Dragon Aura[8]
  • Unknown Ruler Technique[9]

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Name:  Accompany Purple Crystal Essence Edit

Light Novel: Amethyst Winged Lion’s Purple Flame Edit


  • Beast Flame obtained from the Purple Crystal Winged Lion King.
  • In the light novel, this flame was the first flame used to evolve Xiao Yan's training method. However, since he gained the Green Lotus Core Flame he has "lost" this flame and can only access it after he chews on a pill and spits out the flame.
Beast Flame

Name: Chilling Bone Flame Edit

1st Essence flame but in Yao Lao's Possession 

4th flame obtained by Xiao Yan


  • This flame is rank 11 essence flame and has the proprieties of ice and fire in a single body
  • In the light novel, Xiao Yan does not have full control of this flame while he is in control of his body. At most he can only borrow the flame from Yao Chen (Yao Lao). When Yao Chen is in control, he can laster use this flame to its fullest extent.
  • Xiao Yan later is gifted the Chilling Bone Flame by Yao Lao when he is saved by Xiao Yan the from the Soul clan and has build him his new body.
Bone Chilling Flame

Name:  Blue Lotus Geocentric Flame Edit

Light Novel: Green Lotus Core Flame Edit

1st Essence flame


  • After absorbing the Blue Lotus Geocentric Flame (called the "Green Lotus Core Flame" in the light novel), Xiao Yan had limited control over it. After ingesting the Fire Lotus Seed, he was able to freely use the essence flame and is able to model it like a whip and so on. He has used it both in combat, as well as in his work as a Receptarier (Alchemist).
  • 19th Ranked Essence Flame
Xiao Yan green Lotus flame

Name: Fallen Heart Flame Edit

2nd Essence flame Obtained



  • 14th Ranked Essence Flame
  • It is stronger than the flames ranked below, so it has a certain level of oppression over other weaker Essence Flames.
  • It is technically invisible , Xiao Yan mainly use this flame to kill off large groups of weak enemies.
  • This flame also has a stronger damage on souls.
  • It can refine the user Dou Qi. The effect is much lessen when the user become a Dou Zong or above though
  • Obtained in chapter 614 of the novel.
Fallen Heart Flame

Name:  Three Thousand Star Fire Flame Edit

Light Novel: Three Thousand Burning Flame Edit

3rd Essence flame


Star flame
Name:  Purifying Lotus Demon Flame

5th Essence flame


  • Milky White in color
  • 3rd Ranked Essence Flame

Skills Edit

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Name: Dou Qi Armor


After arriving at the Da Dou Shi (Dou Grand Master) level, Xiao Yan gained the ability to use Dou Qi Armor.


  • Like the Dou Qi Cloak that symbolizes ones ascension into the level of a Dou Shi, This ability is the evolution of the cloak into armor once one advances to the level of a Da Dou Shi. The higher star level the practitioner is the more advanced the armor is, i.e. a 1 star Da Dou Shi may only have a very weak armor that can only cover only part of the body, while a 5 Star and above can have armor that can cover the entire body like a suit of real armor.
  • Commonly, this armor is created from pure Dou Qi. However, XIao Yan Dou Qi are refined by Esscence Flame and because he possesed these flames, he can upgrade it to a higher level both in attack and defense. This armor has lower efficency against opponents of a higher Dou Qi level which XIao Yan has to face presently so he rarely use it unless to combine with something else.
  • In the Light Novel and manhua, Xiao Yan uses the Dou Qi armor in most of his fights as a Da Dou Shi (unless he finishes the fight quickly for various reasons). His armor though has two forms, the first being similar to that of other Da Dou Shi's. The Second is his armor with the Heavenly Flame (Primarily the Green Lotus Core Flame) melded with it.
  • Also in the light novel, all forms of Dou Qi armor are the color of the Dou Qi the practitioner uses. Xiao Yan's is Green because he Dou Qi was turned green by the Green Lotus Core Flame.
1st level armor [2nd level armor is in manhua chapter 148]
Dou Qi Armor1

Name: Terminal Blaze Edit

Light Novel: Flame Mantra


Tian Class High Level (Originally Huang Class Lower Level)

Description: A training method that can evolve.

  • It was originally Huang Class Lower Level but increased to Xuan Class Middle Level after Xiao Yan absorbed the Blue Lotus Geocentric Essence Flame (Green Lotus Core Flame).Terminal Blaze has the ability to become a Tian Rank, but in order for it to evolve each time,it has to absorb an essence flame. Through the absorption of the Fallen Heart Flame it evolved into a Di class low level method after that through absorption of three thousand star fire flame it evolved into a di class high level,after that through absorption of Bone Chilling Flame it evolved into a Quasi/Accurate Tian level method,after that through absorption of Sea Heart flame it evolved into a tian class low level method,after that through absorption of Purifying Lotus Demon it evolved into a tian class high level method.If cultivated to its highest level, it can create a body that is capable of hosting a spirit.
  • In the Light novel Yao Chen (Yao Lao speculates that if Xiao Yan obtains 2 Heavenly Flames then they will be about to create a body for him (since he has a Heavenly flame of his own).


  • Allows the user to fuse multiple flames together
  • In the light novel, this was discovered by Xiao Yan and not known by Yao Chen.

It is called Flame Mantra in the Light Novel.

Terminal Blaze

Name: Using Fire as a Pot

Description: After being trained by Yao Lao, Xiao Yan gained the ability to use his flames as if they were a Kiln.


  • Enables the user to create pills and elixirs through the use of their flames.
  • 4th ranked or higher level receptarier can use their sould to mould flames into a pot for rfining pill' ingredients. However, this is for lower ranked pills. After 6th grade, the pill making process normally leads to a large energy shockwave that is best to be contained in a high quality pot.
Using Fire as a Pot

Name: Wings of Eagle

Rank: Xuan Class Higher Level

Description: This Purple Cloud Wings Dou Skill is created using the 5th Rank Flying magical beast, Black Flame Purple Cloud Eagle's soul.

The Black Flame purple cloud eagle is rumored to have the rare bloodline of an ancient phoenix.

Effects: It is a Dou Skill that allows anyone to fly in the sky.


Shattering Stone Palm & Splitting stone kick

Rank: Huang Rank Low Level

Description: Enhance the power of palm strike and kick on the opponent.

Effects: It is a dou skill that repels opponents and shatter stone with palm strike and kick.


Name: Octadic Smash

Rank: Xuan Class Higher Level (Di Class Lower level when completely master)

Description: A Xuan Class upper level close combat Dou skill, famed for its mighty attack power. After completely mastering all eight stages, its power is comparable to Di class lower level Dou skill.


  • Smash opponents
  • After the impact, 8 hidden dou qi levels will attack the inside of the opponent.
Octadic Smash

Name: Vacuum Palm

Rank:  Xuan Class Lower Level

Description: If trained to the max, it can such up boulders weighing tons.  When used in battle it creates a violuent vacuum that can forcibly suck the blood from a body.


  • When mastered to max it can suck in boulders of tons in weight
Vacuum Palm

Name: Flame Blowing Palm

Rank:  Xuan Class Lower Level

Description: This dou skill can create strong wind pressure in an instant and blowing the enemy away. This skill was learned by Xiao Yan to strengthening his vacuum palm. This way he can pull his opponent with great force and when they are close he can attack them with the brute force of Flame Blowing Palm.

Effects: Fire Fist

Flame blowing palm

Name: Flame Splitting Tsunami

Rank:  Di Class Lower Level

Description: A Powerful attack in which Xiao Yan gathers all his dou qi in Heavy Black Rule and releases it all at the same time with a destructive force.


  • Slash opponents.

It is called as the Flame Splitting Tsunami in the novel.


Name: Skyfire Three Mysterious Change

Rank: Unknown

Description: This secret technique will allow the user to temporarily increase their strength, however it requires the user to have a Essence Flame within their body, and the more Essence Flame you have, the longer you will able to increase your strength. He learnt this skill on a stone pillar from the Burning Flame Valley which is said to be much stronger than the Yun Sect. He has gained the complete version of the skill from the Burning Flame Valley making it possible to perform three changes which is capable of increasing his level .


  • Enables Xiao Yan to temporarily raise his power up by a certain amount of stars momentarily (6 Stars Dou Grand Master -> 2 Stars Dou Spirit)
  • As the gap between each stars in each rank is higher, the stars in crease is lessen.
  • For example, Xiao Yan can only increased 2 stars when he is at Dou Huang level.Increase 5 stars from 2 star Dou Zong to 7 Star Dou Zong after gaining complete skill
  • Followed by a temporary backlash or fainting
Name: 3000 Lightning Movement

Rank: Di Class Lower Level

Description: Dou Skill from Tempest Hall, has been stolen and sold in black seal.


  • Provides the user with movement agility of a lightning. Also grants strong kicking power.

Mastery Level:

  • Lightning Flash, is stage one of this technique, users can start creating after images.
  • Instant Lightning, is stage two of this technique, users create clearer after images and travel at faster rate.
  • 3000 Lightning Movement, is final stage allowing users to create multiple after images to trick opponent.

Name: Dragon's Roar

Description: After consuming the Mysterious Yin Yang Dragon Pill Xiao Yan was able to acquire a Dragon's Roar Technique.  It is a technique rarely acquired by the consumer of the pill and has the ability to rival spirit type powerhouses when used collaboration with ta sound wave dou skill.

Dragon's Roar

Name: Shattering Liger's Roar

Rank: Xuan Class Higher Level

Description:  It is like a roar from both a lion and a tiger.  It can force many beasts to submit and has the might to shatter a soul.


Name: Dou Qi Condensing into a Spirit and object

Description:  After advancing, Xiao Yan obtained the ability to change the shape of his dou qi by condensing it. This ability will improve upon advancing to Dou Spirit.

Name: Dou Qi Forming Wings

Description: After advancing to Dou king level Xiao Yan can form wings to fly and move at very high speed

Name: Dou Qi Absorption from Surrounding

Description: At Dou Emperor level, can draw large amounts of Dou Qi that have the same attribute as oneself from one's surroundings. 

Name: Emperor Seal

Rank: Di Class Higher Level.

Description: A Dou skill given from Xun'er. Rumoured to be created by an ancient Dou Di Powerhouse.

Consists of five techniques closely related to each other:

  1. Open Mountain Seal
  2. Ocean Reversal Seal
  3. Enveloping earth Seal
  4. Submerging Sky Seal
  5. Ancient Emperor Seal

When the five seals are truly mastered, one could reverse the flow of ocean and swallow the heavens and earth.

The power released at peak stages is extremely close to Tian class Dou skill

One must be a Dou king in order to learn it, otherwise not only one will fail but also suffer serious consequences.

Name: Heavenly Goose Nine Travelling Wings

Descriptions: A rare flying type Dou skill that will increase the user's speed depending on the material used.

Material use:

Bone Wings of Heaven Demon Phoenix

Bone wing
Evolved Form After consuming Heaven Demon Pheonix Essence Blood

Essence Flame Fusion TechniquesEdit

Info Image

Name: Buddha's Fury Flame Lotus

Light Novel: Angry Buddha Lotus Flame


Through the use of the Dou Qi Training Method Terminal Blaze (Flame Mantra), Xiao Yan was able to perform an essence flame fusion between his Blue Lotus Geocentric Flame (Green Lotus Core Flame) and his masters Chilling Bone Flame temporarily in order to create Buddha's Fury Flame Lotus. This creates an even stronger power but is extremely risky.

In order to use this, Xiao Yan must also concentrate very hard. At first it took some minutes and need a distraction in order to have time finish the technique

Buddha's Fury Flame Lotus

Name: Mini Buddha's Fury Flame Lotus

Light Novel: Small Scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame


Xiao Yan is also able to create a mini version of the Buddha's Fury Flame Lotus by performing an essence flame fusion between his Blue Lotus Geocentric Flame (Green Lotus Core Flame) and his purple beast flame, this greatly reduced the stress on his body and allows him to avoid life threatening backlash.

In the light novel, he first uses this technique in the Steel Mercenary Company rather than against the fight with Nalan YanRan.

Name: Destruction of Flame Lotus


Xiao Yan was able to perform an essence flame fusion between his Blue Lotus Geocentric Flame (Green Lotus Core Flame) and his masters Chilling Bone Flame temporarily in order to create Buddha's Fury Flame Lotus. Now he transform to live flame. He use it vs Old demon valley man.

Scan: 205



Equipment Edit

Name Properties Image
Heavy Black Rule
  • A dull blade that created from black iron. It is heavy and durable.  It has also been said to possess the mysterious ability to suppress dou qi. It can improve the training speed of a person.
Ocean's Heart Armor
  • Made from a metal that grows within the stomach of a 6 rank ocean magical beast knows as 3 tailed blue whale.
  • In the light novel, he has given this back to Yun Yun when he has to run away from Yun Lan Sect
Storage Rings
  • Used to store items.
Xiao Yan Rings
Dual Intake Kiln
  • Used to make pills and medicines.
Dual Intake Kiln
Chili Bombs
  • When slammed into a surface will create smoke however this will burn the enemy eyes.
Smoke Bombs
Ice Cicada Mask
  • A mask that looks like the real skin so it’s very good for concealing ones identity.

Heavy Black Rule TechniquesEdit

Info Image
Name: Secret Ability Heavy Black Rule Whirlwind


Xiao Yan first jump and the falls from a high altitude in diving mode with his sword pointed down and releases a flame while spiraling downwards.

Secret Ability - Heavy Black Rule Whirlwind
Heaven's Retribution Heavy Black Rule


Xiao Yan just slams the heavy black rule into the target's head.

Heaven's Retribution Heavy Black Rule
Heavy Black Chi Earthshaker


Xiao Yan quickly rotates the Heavy Black Rule in order to repel the enemy attack.

Black Heavy Chi Earthshaker
Heavy Black Rule, Break


Xiao Yan uses one hand to quickly rotates his sword in order to break his opponents dou skills.

Heavy Black Rule, Shrink


Minimize damage from enemy attacks.

'Six Merging Roamer Ruler:'Description:

Increase the number of sword for attack

Scan: 207



Name Rank Effects Image
Meridian Raise Pill 2nd Rank
  • Strengthens the Meridian's toughness below a Dou Wang.
  • Can completely recover damaged veins.
  • Increase Fire Type Dou Qi
Pills - Copy
Voluptuous Boobs Pill 2nd Rank
  • Can increase the size of a person's breast.
Flying Pill Unknown
  • Unknown
Flying Pill
Triple Imprint Spirit Pill 4th Rank Higher Class
  • Can enable a Dou Master to breakthrough to a Dou Grand Master.
  • Can increase a Dou Master's strength by three ranks.
Beneficial Nine Suns Pill Unknown
  • Heals wounds
  • Temporarily cures all kinds of pain
Beneficial 9 suns pill
Dragon Power Pill 5th Rank
  • Increases hair growth
  • Increases strength
  • Increases height
Dragon Power Pill
3 Patterned Green Spirit Pill 4th rank

Higher class

  • Unknown
3 Patterned Green Spirit Pill
Breakthrough Zong Pill 6th rank
  • Can help a person to breakthrough to reach to Dou Zong Lv
Breakthrough Zong Pill
Increase Speed Pill Unknown
  • increase speed
Increase strength Pill Unknown
  • increase strength
Increase Dou Qi Pill Unknown
  • increase Dou qi
Increase Life Pill Unknown
  • Increase Life
Recover Hair Quality Pill Unknown
  • Recover Hair Quality
Cleansing Dead Skin Pill Unknown
  • Cleansing Skin
Beauty Nurture Pill Unknown
  • Beauty Nurture
Dragon Power Pill_Revised Unknown
  • Unknown
Amassing Strength Pill Tier One
  • Lets the user gain some Strength for a while


Name Effects Image
Blood Coagulating Powder
  • Increases the speed of recovery
  • This was the first elixir brewed by Xiao Yan.
Blood Coagulating Powder
Qi Gathering Drink
  • Strengthens the Body
  • Extends one's life
Qi Gathering Drink
Marrow Washing Cold Spirit Broth
  • Cures fire poisioning
Marrow Washing Cold Spirit Broth

Poisons Edit

Cleansing poison Edit

This is a poison made for Xiao Yi Xian by Xiao Yan. It can cure a lethal poison but can only be used once.

Branded poison Edit

This is the poison that Xiao Yan recieved while he was removing it from Na Lan Jie. Fortunately, unlike when it was within Na Lan Jie, the poison does not harm Xiao Yan but instead provided him with the Dou Qi it had absorbed as well as increased his immunity to poison.

It is called Searing Poison in the Light Novel.

Other Edit

Trivia Edit

  • After being with Yao Lao for such a long time, Xiao Yan had not only learned how to refine medicine but to differentiate the different types of medicinal ingredients too. With Yao Lao’s experience, he had seen all kinds of rare medicinal plants and as his disciple, Yao Lao had naturally imparted all this knowledge to him.[10]


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