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I have walked from the Jia Ma Empire. During these ten years, I have roamed the continent and met a countless number of enemies. I have lingered at death’s gate a countless number of times. The effort I have put in is many times greater than a genius like you. I do not care about the Dou Di bloodline. However, you have to be prepared to pay a bloody price if you wish to kill me!
Xiao Yan to Gu Yao[1]

Xiao Yan is the main protagonist of Battle Through the Heavens, and reincarnated from Earth, but the author did not give information about his life on Earth. He was once hailed as a genius as a child but was called trash ever since Yao Lao resided in the ring his mother gave to him before she died. He then later sets out on a journey to become stronger. At first, his goal was just to be able to defeat Nalan Yanran, but his final goal has risen much higher as his enemies are at the top of the "food-chain" and he realizes he will have to surpass them. His aim is to reach Dou Di ( Battle God ), which is the highest rank.


Light Novel

Xiao Yan is a handsome young man with black hair and pitch-black eyes.


Xiao Yan has dark blue hair, blue eyes, and is considered handsome by some. He has a lean, muscular body from his intense training and ingestion of pills.

His appearance changes when Yao Lao's spirit controls his body. His hair becomes much longer, the colour fades from blue into white and his eyes turn red as well as a barely noticeable rise in height.


Light Novel

There was a ruthlessness in his bones that would chill people. These kinds of people were fine if you did not provoke them. Once you did, they would be like a wounded hungry wolf in the desert who would stare intently at you, waiting for the moment when you became relaxed

Back then, just because of the humiliation from Nanlan Yanran canceling the engagement, Xiao Yan could abandon the comfortable life in his clan, clench his teeth tightly and fight with Magic Beasts in the mountain range, bear the loneliness and isolation in the desert and endure tough training for three years. If he could he be so ruthless to himself, just think about how he’s like to his enemies.[6]

At the bottom of Xiao Yan’s heart, he had never thought of himself as a good person who had a heart of gold. Giving some water to an injured stranger in the desert was his greatest bottomline. If someone wanted him to protect and escort them out of the desert, then he could only say sorry.[7]

His novel counter part retains the thirst for adventure, indomitable will and even devil-may-care attitude.

However, he is also much more ruthless and even feared in the light novel. This is proven many times later on in the light novel as shown when people who were far stronger than him immediately adopted a very wary and even cautious nature when suddenly forced to contend with Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan also appears to be someone who is more than capable of killing in cold blood and is not one to give mercy to the enemies in the light novel. If he perceives an enemy would become a great hindrance in the future he has been shown to go to great lengths to eliminate them.

Towards those who abandoned him in his years of hardship, Xiao Yan never went back to being close with them.

He knew that those that suddenly became respectful and friendly to him because of his reborn talent would act like a cold stranger the moment he loses his talent. This kind of backstab, experiencing it once was enough.[8]

A dragon had scales which could not be touched. Those who did so would incur its wrath. Xiao Yan’s untouchable scale was undoubtedly Xun Er who had placed all her thoughts on him from when they were young.[9]

As an alpha male, he really did not wish to rely on a woman’s name to swagger around triumphantly.[10]

Xiao Yan wasn’t a cold-hearted person. Towards enemies, he might have been able to be cold-hearted. However, to normal people or those that he knew, he was extremely kind and this personality of his allowed him to have quite a few friends and experts gathering around him. People like Hai Bodong, Little Fairy, Queen Medusa to even the Tian Huo Zun-Zhe all felt this. Those who were cold-hearted to even their friends would have trouble getting others to treat them genuinely. This point was part of Xiao Yan’s charm.

Although Xiao Yan might appear gentle on the surface, the pride within his heart was quite great. It would be alright if one treated him politely. However, if one were to display a mocking enmity, the attitude that the person would receive would likely not be good.


In the manhua, Xiao Yan's personality reflects that of a strong-willed person with an equally powerful sense of determination. It is because of this stubbornness to never give up, even in the most extreme of odds against him that has allowed him to prevail time and time again. One such example being the time he faced with Bai Ya, an opponent who far exceeded his capabilities at the time.

This strong sense of pride, sometimes bordering on even sheer recklessness, has earned him respect from powerful figures all around. Examples include his teacher, Yao Lao, Hai Po Dong, Yun Yun and even the aloof Ling Ying (from the light novel).

His character is also quite comical in the manhua as he is shown to be immature and greedy in some circumstances (to humorous effect). Xiao Yan deeply loves his family and is very loyal to them, even to the ones that humiliated him when he lost his Dou Qi.

In the past he was quite full of himself for being a genius however in the three years of him being taunted and treated badly he became very mature and developed quite a sharp tongue and a calm mind, even under pressure. He is quite ruthless if someone were to bully someone else or they were gonna harm someone dear to him. If someone were to try and kill him or someone he cares about then, he will have no qualm about killing them.

He also has a thirst for adventure and risk. If it was not for Nalan Yanran humiliating him and his family he would have quite a lazy personality.

He is shown to not lust after any woman, which is unlike many other males in the series. This is a result of his maturing during his drop from prodigy to trash and developing strong self-control.


Xiao Yan is someone that reincarnated from Earth. In Dou Qi Continent Xiao Yan was born as the third son of the leader of the Xiao Clan, Xiao Zhan.


Xiao Yan is a genius that is considered by the people in his clan and town appeared once in a thousand years. At age of 10 years, he became a Dou Zhe, the youngest known in the history of Jia Ma Empire.

However, after receiving a ring from his mother shortly before she disappeared he mysteriously lost his Dou Qi and was reduced to 3rd stage Dou Qi. This led to him being abandoned by almost all of the people who once praised him for his genius. The loss of his abilities caused him to be re-labeled as trash.

He was arranged to be married to Nalan Yanran before birth, as their grandfathers were very good friends. Nalan Yanran however, didn't see Xiao Yan as a worthy person for her, outright rejected him and thus creating a very strong motivation for Xiao Yan to get stronger, at least in 3 years.

After being rejected, Yao Lao had awakened from his slumber and asked if Xiao Yan wanted to be his apprentice. After he helps Xiao Yan get to the ninth pre Dou Zhe stage, both of them left town and go to train in the Magical Beast Mountain. Yao Lao intended for Xiao Yan to ascend to from a Dou Zhe to a Dou Shi. While there, he obtained his Beast flame.


Volume 1: Wu Tan City

After being considered as a genius and praised by the whole clan, Xiao Yan's cultivation falls to 3-Star Dou Disciple. Xiao Yan faces with the treatment which is fully opposite to one while he was a genius. His clan members took distance from him, mocked and insulted him but the only light in life of this young man was a girl named Xiao Xun Er. With her strong background and peerless talent, she supported him all the time.

Troubles never come alone so Xiao Yan faces with his fiancee, Nalan Yanran who comes to Xiao Clan and under the compulsion of the Misty Cloud Sect, she forces Xiao Clan to break the engagement between Xiao Yan and her. Xiao Yan is furious because his father is ashamed in front of the whole clan. He and Nalan Yanran make a Three Year Agreement where they will face after three years in Misty Cloud Sect and decide their fates.

Xiao Yan meets with Yao Lao and discovers he is the real reason of his fall of cultivation and of course he is happy because he finds out he can cultivate Dou Qi. He accepts a man in spiritual form named Yao Lao as his teacher. Yao Lao also decides to groom him as an alchemist. Xiao Yan with the help of many medicines and pills regains his cultivation even with faster pace than before when he was deemed as great talent.

During the Coming of Age Ceremony, Xiao Yan shows his strength in front of the whole clan and announces he is back. He regains face for his father who was for years under the suppression of elders who saw Xiao Yan as a waste. There are happy people because of Xiao Yan's comeback but there are also ones who once distanced theirself from Xiao Yan like Xiao Mei and who will never gain a chance to have good relationship with Xiao Yan as before.

Xiao Yan helps his clan by acting as a mysterious alchemist and comes in contact with Ya Fei of Primer Auction House. She recognized Xiao Yan but never tells his secret to anyone else. They established great cooperation and Primer Auction House taking in consideration alchemist behind Xiao Yan, helps Xiao Yan to deal with Jia Lie Clan. After Xiao Yan arranges everything inside the clan, he goes out of the Wu Tan City in order to train hard for the upcoming challenge against Nalan Yanran.

Volume 2: Magical Beast Mountain Range

Xiao Yan manages to successfully enter the Jia Nan Academy but because of the Three Year Agreement, he asks for one year of absence from Jia Nan Academy. After enduring twenty rounds against instructor Ruo Ling, Xiao Yan get his one year of absence.

The first location where he came to train was Magic Beast Mountain Range where he meets with Fairy Doctor. He and Little Fairy Doctor discocer a cave where they find some valuable stuff like Flying Dou Technique and a Poison Book but while they were in the cave they got attacked by the Wolf Head Mercenary Company. Xiao and Little Fairy Doctor manage to escape and Xiao Yan enters deep into the Magical Beast Mountain Range where he practices his new Dou Technique, Flame Splitting Tsunami.

While he was practicing he witnessed fight of two Dou Huang's, Yun Yun and Amethyst Winged Lion. Yun Yun was on the end gravely injured by Amethyst Winged Lion and comes to the Xiao Yan's place where Xiao Yan saves her. For a short time, Yun Yun was without strength and trying to return the favor to Xiao Yan, she tried to make some food but on the end, she prepared it with an aphrodisiac which almost ended with sexual intercourse but thanks to Xiao Yan's self-control, they avoided it.

Later Xiao Yan, helps Yun Yun who introduced herself as Yun Zhi to steal some thing for Yun Yun and by doing that Xiao Yan even obtained Amethyst Lion Birth Essence. After that Yun Yun departs from Xiao Yan and before she left, she gave Xiao Yan Sea’s Core Vest and Xuan class Dou Technique and Qi Method.

After Xiao Yan advanced his cultivation, he annihilated Wolf Head Mercenary Company and with Little Fairy Doctor he comes to the valley in the Magical Beast Mountain Range rich with energy and rare medicinal herbs.

Xiao Yan there discovers Little Fairy Doctor has Woeful Poison Body. After some time they part their ways, Little Fairy Doctor left for Chu Yun Empire while Xiao Yan continues his training in the Jia Ma Empire.

Xiao Yan comes to the Black Rock City where he got the badge for Tier 2 Alchemist and was pretty satisfied when he saw how much benefits every alchemist enjoys.

His next station was Tager Desert and there he meets again with his two brothers, Xiao Ding and Xiao Li. They are happy to see their young brother was no longer a waste. While being hosted by his brother, Xiao Yan meets an interesting girl called Qing Lin. He treats her like a human being, unlike the others who despise her origin as she is a hybrid between snake and human. Qing Lin helps Xiao Yan to trace the Green Lotus Core Flame. They find its location but unfortunately, it got taken by Queen Medusa before.

Volume 3: Green Core Lotus Flame

Xiao Yan goes deep into the Tager Desert and even sneaks to Medusa's place where the Snake-People were fighting against the group led by Gu He whose goal was to obtain the Green Lotus Core Flame from Queen Medusa but they got rejected as Queen Medusa used Heavenly Flame for her evolution. While she was evolving, Xiao Yan was watching her. She was too lazy to deal with him cause his cultivation was insignificant to her.

After Queen Medusa evolved she merged with the soul of the Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python who was taken by Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan obtained even the Green Lotus Core Flame and quickly escaped with the Heavenly Flame in front of Gu He's group and Snake-People Race.

Yun Yun was sent by Gu He to retrieve the Heavenly Flame but she let him go when she recognized Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan went to Hai Bodong and obtained from him a map fragment for the Purifying Lotus Flame. Under the promise he will refine a Tier 6 pill for Hai Bodong to recover his cultivation, Hai Bodong became his bodyguard.

They returned to the Rock Desert City where Xiao Yan's brothers were located and Xiao Yan helps their mercenary group who stepped from being destroyed by people sent by Mo Clan. This Mo Clan kidnapped Qing Lin and wanted to erase all evidence of people who knew Qing Lin and about her Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils.

Xiao Yan was enraged and goes to the Mo City where he killed Great Elder of the Mo Clan but didn't save Qing Lin as she was taken by the Sky Serpent Mansion. Xiao Yan uses the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame to fight against Dou Huang Magical Beast Bai Ya and he managed to injure him but Yao Lao went into the slumber due to high exhaustion of the spiritual strength.

Xiao Yan goes to the Jia Ma Sacred City where helps the leader of the Nalan Clan Nalan Jie to expel poison because he needed a herb of Nalan Clan which could recover spriritual strength under the name of Yan Xiao. Xiao Yan prepares to participate in the Alchemist Grand Meeting of the Jia Ma Empire.

Volume 4: Misty Cloud Sect

During the Alchemist Grand Meeting, the greatest opponent for Jia Ma Empire's alchemists was Chu Yun Empire's alchemist who participated under the disguise of the Tier 5 medicinal pill but still Xiao Yan wins the first place on the Alchemist Grand Meeting by refining Three Lines Green Spirit Pill. As the first place of the tournament, he won a medicinal formula which was coveted by Medusa.

After the tournament, he finished treating Nalan Jie's poison and got the medicinal herb to recover Yao Lao's spiritual strength but Yao Lao was still not awakened. In order to raise his strength, Xiao Yan consumes Three Lines Green Spirit Pill because the challenge against Nalan Yanran was nearing.

When Xiao Yan came to the Misty Cloud Sect, he and Nalan Yanran immediately began duelling. Xiao Yan easily overpowered her not even using his full strength but when the duel was over and Xiao Yan proved himself in front of the whole Misty Cloud Sect and Jia Ma Empire, First Elder of the Misty Cloud Sect called Yun Leng starts to make trouble for Xiao Yan because they recognized Xiao Yan as the killer of the Mo Cheng. Yun Yun was absent from the sect so everything was in Yun Leng's hands and he didn't even give a chance to Xiao Yan to leave as he even a attacked him. This escalated into a big battle so even Misty Cloud Sect's ancestor was alarmed. Xiao Yan manages to leave the Misty Cloud Sect because Medusa appeared and deterred Yun Shan with her Dou Zong cultivation.

Xiao Yan returns with Medusa to the Wu Tan City. She was hired by him as a bodyguard in return for Xiao Yan to refine a medicinal pill for her. When Xiao Yan returned to the Xiao Clan and saw the present situation, he was devastated as Xiao Clan was almost destroyed because they were already severely wounded by Misty Cloud Sect and even his father Xiao Zhan was missing and later Jia Lie and Ao Ba clans used that chance to get rid of Xiao Clan.

Xiao Yan with Medusa's help killed them all and swore to destroy the Misty Cloud Sect. In anger, he returns again to the Misty Cloud Sect and even sees Yun Yun aka Yun Zhi but that which greatly disappointed Xiao Yan as he already had some feelings toward Yun Yun. There Xiao Yan kills Yun Leng and becomes irreconcilable enemy with the Misty Cloud Sect. Yun Shan gave an order to kill Xiao Yan at every cost. Xiao Yan managed to escape from the Misty Cloud Sect and thanks to the Primer Clan and Yun Yun who let him go, he leaves the Jia Ma Empire and comes to the Black-Corner Region.

Xiao Yan was a little surprised seeing the chaos at this place. He participated in the big auction that was organized at that time. Xiao Yan there finds a part of map for the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame but didn't manage to obtain it by bidding so after the auction he uses an ambush and obtains the Three Thousand Lightning Movement and Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill except the map fragment.

Volume 5: Jia Nan Academy

Xiao Yan comes to the Jia Nan Academy. There is faces Xun Er's pursuers and deters them with his strength. Immediately after he came to Jia Nan Academy, he participated in the qualifications for the Inner Academy and together with Xun Er, he beats all other competitors.

In the Dou Qi Pavilion of the Jia Nan Academy, he meets with the two guardians of the Jia Nan Academy, Bai Lie and Qian Mo who are at the peak of the Dou Zong class.

With Xun Er's help, Xiao Yan obtains Xuan class high-level Sonic Dou Technique. After some time, Xiao Yan with Xun Er and other 48 participants travels to the Inner Academy.

There they met with problem as they are immediately attacked by the senior students of the Inner Academy in the Fire Energy Hunting Competition who chased them for Fire Energy. All previous years newcomers were robbed but this years came the big change as Xiao Yan unites with all newcomers and they instead rob the senior students.

After they came to the Inner Academy they are attacked by various groups who were unsatisfied with the arrogance of the newcomers so Xiao Yan on request of all newcomers forms the Pan's Gate who will later become the biggest faction in the history of the Jia Nan Academy.

Xiao Yan and Pan's Gate were on the beginning attacked by the White Gang on instigation of Bai Shan but that all stopped when Xiao Yan finally beat their leader Bai Cheng. Xiao Yan goes to the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower where he noticed existence of the Fallen Heart Flame as Xiao Yan's real goal was to take the Fallen Heart Flame from the Jia Nan Academy.

In the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower, he meets with Han Yue who offers him her help as she was already established in the Inner Academy. Xiao Yan later meets with Lin Yan whom Xiao Yan helps to get rid of Fire Poison. Lin Yan helped Xiao Yan a great deal in the Inner Academy.

Xiao Yan offends Liu Fei, a cousin of the Liu Qing, the third-ranked of the Strong Ranking of the Inner Academy. Liu Qing with Medicinal Gang and White Gang makes some problems for Pan's Gate but Xiao Yan quickly solves them as he beat leader of the Medicinal Gang with his alchemy skills and when everyone saw that Xiao Yan can refine Tier 5 medicinal pill, not just students but even elders of the Inner Academy started to respect him.

Volume 6: Strong Ranking Competition

Xiao Yan starts cultivating agility Dou Technique of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, Three Thousand Lightning Movement. After advancing to the Dou Ling class, Xiao Yan started to fight against opponents who were stronger than him even 5 Stars. By searching for various medicinal ingredients he meets with Zi Yan and immediately befriends her by refining Yaowans for her.

After Xiao Li came injured to the Jia Nan Academy and told Xiao Yan that Xiao Clan was nearly extinguished by the Misty Cloud Sect if they weren't helped by the Primer Clan. Xiao Yan became even more motivated to advance his cultivation, as only strength is respected.

Xiao Yan participates in the Strong Ranking Grand Competition where his and Li Qing's battle ends in draw and they both got 10th place enough to enter the lowest level of the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower. Xiao Yan and Xun Er parted after this tournament as she was called by her clan.

After some participants in top 10 managed to refine their bodies by the Fallen Heart Flame, Fallen Heart Flame finally erupts and Xiao Yan was delighted to finally have an opportunity to subdue the Fallen Heart Flame. Eruption of the Fallen Heart Flame was easy to notice and Han Feng quickly came with the reinforcement to obtain the Fallen Heart Flame.

Xiao Yan used Yao Lao's help and started to fight against Fan Lao in front of the all students and staff of the Jia Nan Academy. This battle made him famous as he was able to fight against a Dou Huang.

Volume 7: Fallen Heart Flame

Xiao Yan easily deals with Fan Lao and even could kill him but Fan Lao escapes in the last moment to the Han Feng's side. After Fallen Heart Flame finally got its freedom and saw Xiao Yan and Han Feng possess a Heavenly Flame, it immediately got greedy and wanted to swallow them. On the end it swallows Xiao Yan and takes him deep into the bottom of the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower in order to refine him.

Xiao Yan went quickly unconscious and he got lucky as his storage ring cracked and all medicinal ingredients went out of it and got absorbed by Xiao Yan who was sitting on the Green Colored Lotus Platform. After Xiao Yan woke up, he noticed his cultivation already advanced to the Dou Wang class. He then easily subdued Fallen Heart Flame and finally swallowed it by merging it with the Green Lotus Core Flame. This merging came with the side effect, Xiao Yan got horny and when he saw naked Medusa who finally merged with the spirit of the Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python, he raped her. Medusa of course wanted to kill him but she was in her weakest state after the merging with the spirit of the Seven-Colored Heavenly Swallowing Python.

Xiao Yan and Medusa left the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower and Xiao Yan again meets with the friends and allies from the Jia Nan Academy. In order to test his strength and conclude the level of his cultivation, Xiao Yan fights in sparring match against Lin Xiu Ya and Liu Qing together and easily overpowers them, concluding his strength is currently around 9-Star Dou Wang.

Xiao Yan together with forces of the Jia Nan Academy visits Han Feng and his allies and repays them for what they did to the Jia Nan Academy. Xiao Yan kills Han Feng but his soul was taken by the Hall of Souls.

After this battle, Xiao Yan together with Xiao Li found some reinforcements from the Black-Corner Region and decided to return to Jia Ma Empire and destroy the Misty Cloud Sect. When Xiao Yan came to the Jia Ma Empire, Misty Cloud Sect was in the same time trying to annihilate Primer Clan and kill remaining members of the Xiao Yan. Luckily Xiao Yan came in the right moment and destroyed attackers from the Misty Cloud Sect.

Xiao Yan summoned all forces in the Jia Ma Empire that wield significant power to join him in the fight against the Misty Cloud Sect and they accepted it. There Xiao Yan finds that Yun Shan was forcefully trying to marry Yun Yun with Gu He and he was pretty annoyed with that.

Volume 8: Misty Cloud Sect - Yan Alliance

Xiao Yan comes in the right moment to Misty Cloud Sect and stops Gu He's and Yun Yun's marriage where Yun Yun was puppet as she was completely controlled by Yun Shan. Xiao Yan fights against Gu He and easily beats him in 10 moves and Gu He decides to leave the Misty Cloud Sect with his allies as he lost the bet with Xiao Yan.

After an exhausting battle, Xiao Yan manages to kill Yun Shan but then another threat appears, protector of the Hall of Souls called Protector Wu who came to catch Yao Lao's spiritual body. Although Medusa tried to stop him, he takes Yao Lao's spiritual body and immediately runs away as he wasn't able to fight against Medusa after he used special technique of the Hall of Souls.

Xiao Yan was devastated after his teacher was taken away but he knows that Yao Lao was alive after the latter left the Bone Chilling Flame in Xiao Yan's body and Xiao Yan was able to know whether Yao Lao was alive or dead based on that mark.

Xiao Yan disbands Misty Cloud Sect because he couldn't kill everyone belonging to that sect only because of his and Yun Yun's relationship. After disbandment of the Misty Cloud Sect, Yun Yun and Xiao Yan part their ways as Yun Yun decided to leave the Jia Ma Empire together with Nalan Yanran, both going to the Central Plains.

In order to create a safe ground for Xiao Clan, Xiao Yan forms Yan Alliance which quickly became the greatest power in the Jia Ma Empire and even surpassed the previous Misty Cloud Sect. Although Xiao Yan was formally chief of the alliance, he was too lazy to manage it and always left that duty to his brothers.

Together with Medusa and Zi Yan Xiao Yan returns to the Magical Beast Mountain Range and visits the place he and Little Fairy Doctor were staying. There he meets with a mysterious woman who specialized in poisons and Xiao Yan immediately recognized her as Little Fairy Doctor. She was protecting that place waiting for Xiao Yan and when she finally saw him, she immediately left as she was no longer the same as before, now she was know as Poison Woman of the Chu Yun Empire.

Medusa there guarded Xiao Yan and Zi Yan who were advancing to the Dou Huang class but before they finished their advancement, Medusa left them as Snak-People Tribe was in great danger from alliance of the neighboring empire same as the Jia Ma Empire.

After one year time spent advancing to the Dou Huang class, Xiao Yan and Zi Yan successfully finished their advancement and stepped into the Dou Huang class. Xiao Yan immediately leaves the Magical Beast Mountain Range as he suspected something bad happened as they didn't see Medusa after they finished their seclusion.

Xiao Yan finds out that Jia Ma Empire was attacked by the alliance of the three neighboring empires lead by the Poison Sect of the Chu Yun Empire. Xiao Yan quickly comes to the battlefield and helps Medusa deal with the Three Mulan Elders and Yan Luotian.

When Xiao Yan and Medusa were going to fight against the Poison Woman, she and Xiao Yan recognized each other and Poison Woman who Xiao Yan knew as Little Fairy Doctor immediately stopped the fight because she didn't want to fight against Xiao Yan who was her only friend. Little Fairy Doctor tells Xiao Yan that invasion on the Jia Ma Empire was arranged by the Hall of Souls and they promised to give Little Fairy Doctor a method to get rid of the Woeful Poison Body. Before she decided to stop the fight, Xiao Yan promised her that he will solve her Woeful Poison Body problem. Xiao Yan comes with Medusa to her tribe and meets with the four Great Elders of the Snake-People Tribe and they inform Xiao Yan and Medusa that Medusa might be pregnant and it is needed to refine a pill for nurturing the baby. Xiao Yan chooses the highest tier pill, a Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill.

Although the Little Fairy Doctor could stop her Poison Sect but two other powers didn't want to give up from invading the Jia Ma Empire so Medusa and Xiao Yan with Little Fairy Doctor's help sneaked in the night and killed them both.

After some time Little Fairy Doctor notified Xiao Yan that person of the Hall of Souls came to the Chu Yun Empire because Xiao Yan wanted to somehow find the location where Hall of Souls is holding Yao Lao. In Chu Yun Empire Xiao Yan helps Little Fairy Doctor to deal with the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate.

Volume 9: Demon Flame Valley

Poison Sect with Xiao Yan's and Medusa's help successfully deals with the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. Founder of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, Xie Bi Yan, before his death inflicts Xiao Yan with the Demon Poison Spot which will later bring more benefit than harm to Xiao Yan. As Xiao Yan with his cultivation of Dou Huang couldn't suppress the Demon Poison Spot, Little Fairy Doctor helps him seal it for two years and only Dou Zun could help Xiao Yan get rid of it.

Xiao Yan successfully accomplishes his goal as he captures Protector Tie and forces him to tell him about the place where Yao Lao is held.

After that Xiao Yan with Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan goes to the Black-Corner Region in order to increase his cultivation and find necessary ingredients to deal with Little Fairy Doctor's Woeful Poison Body. Before departing promises Cai Lin, he will deliver her Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill in two years. Cai Lin couldn't leave with them as she needed to take care of her tribe because they were moving from Tager Desert to the Magical Beat Mountain Range.

When Xiao Yan comes to the Black-Corner Region, he coincidentally meets with Wu Hao and Xiao Yu's group and saves them from being murdered by the Demon Flame Valley. Xiao Yan finds out that Demon Flame Valley is an enemy with Jia Nan Academy and Xiao Gate.

Xiao Yan finds out that there is an Great Auction Fair in the Black-Corner Region and this time it's much bigger than the last one. This time the final item of the auction is the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva which is one of the necessary things needed to treat Little Fairy Doctor's Woeful Poison Body.

Although Xiao Yan managed to obtain it, he fought with many strong enemies in order to obtain it and he met again with Han Feng who got repaired by the Hall of Souls. There Xiao Yan kills many elders of the Demon Flame Valley which Han Feng uses as an excuse to call the founder of the Demon Flame Valley to kill Xiao Yan.

Founder of the Demon Flame Valley, Old Ground Demon Ghost comes to the Jia Nan Academy to kill Xiao Yan but he underestimated him too much nearly losing his life in the Angry Budha Lotus Flame created by Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan used merger of 4 flames, Extermination Fire Lotus nearly destroying the Jia Nan Academy if there weren't intervention of protectors of the Jia Nan Academy and as one of the protectors had enmity with the Old Ground Demon Ghost, he killed him.

Volume 10: Central Plains

Xiao Yan enters the magma poll at the bottom of the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower and there he meets with the Fire Lizard Race. There he meets too with the spirit of Yao Tian Huo who gave Xiao Yan another Fallen Heart Flame in order to save him from the magma world. Xiao Yan discovers that Tou She Ancient Jade had a reaction for the first time since he got it.

Xiao Yan together with Su Qian and Little Fairy Doctor completely destroys the Demon Flame Valley and this time Xiao Yan caught Han Feng's soul.

When Xiao Yan returned to the Jia Nan Academy, Little Fairy Doctor's Woeful Poison body suddenly erupts but Xiao Yan managed to suppress it with help of Yao Tian Huo.

After Xiao Yan was informed by Ye Xin Lan about the Central Plains and that he can there obtain Three Thousand Burning Flame, Xiao Yan departs to the Central Plains.

While he, Little Fairy Doctor, Zi Yan and Ye Xin Lan were traveling through the wormhole, there was some disturbance in the space and Xiao Yan was separated from the group when he came to the Central Plains. He came to the Han Clan with Han Xue, sister of Han Yue from the Jia Nan Academy.

There he helps Han Yue and Han Xue who was forced to marry a disciple of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. In fight with that disciple X,iao Yan reveals Three Thousand Lightning Movement, a technique of the Wind Lightning Pavilion which would cause Xiao Yan mortal enmity with the Wind Lightning Pavilion...

Volume 11: Woeful Poison Body

After gathering all necessary things in order to help Little Fairy Doctor control the Woeful Poison Body, he uses them to help Little Fairy Doctor create a Poison Dan which would control all her poisons. Xiao Yan did it successfully after which Little Fairy Doctor directly broke through the Dou Zun class and help Xiao Yan greatly in fight against the Ice River Valley...

Volume 12: Pill Gathering

After coming with Ye Zhong to the Holy Pill City and after he helped him preserve the elder's seat in the Pill Tower, Xiao Yan participates in the Pill Gathering, the biggest alchemy event on the Dou Qi Continent.

In qualification round after being transported to the Pill Realm, Xiao Yan is attacked by the Old Mu Gu who wanted Xiao Yan's Flame Mantra and Heavenly Flames in possession of Xiao Yan. Thanks to Zi Yan whom he unexpectedly meets in Pill Realm, Xiao Yan was saved from Old Mu Gu's attack and got even all treasures of the Pill Realm thanks to the Zi Yan's friend Xiong Zhan who the mightiest existence in the Pill Realm.

There he stayed for a few days to consume Core Soul Marrow which help him advance his spiritual strength to the Soul State. After two qualification rounds, came the final round where participants needed to refine the highest Tier pill in order to win the competition.

Altough there were Cao Ying and Dan Chen who also reached the Soul State but Xiao Yan's greatest competitor was Old Mu Gu who represented Hall of Soul. Initially Xiao Yan refined Tier 8 pill which caused three lightnings but Old Mu Gu's caused four. After using Yao Lao's method Xiao Yan increases the number of lightnings to five and on that way he won over Old Mu Gu.

Few day after competition top 10 participants enters the Star Region of Holy Pill City where they try to subdue the Three Thousand Burning Flame. Although Xiao Yan had a chance to try it first as he was champion of the Pill Gathering, he didn't make as all the other competitors after him. Old Mu Gu cooperates with the Three Thousand Burning Flame and frees it but he underestimated the flame who didn't care for the previous promise with Mu Gu.

Old Mu Gu summons several Dou Zun experts of Hall of Soul to capture the flame but on the end Xiao Yan got it with Zi Yan's help as she gave Xiao Yan a dragon seal with whom he could control Three Thousand Burning Flame. After staying in Star Region for 6 months while he was refining the Three Thousand Burning Flame, Xiao Yan exits the Star Region with his cultivation increased and another Heavenly Flame conquered.

After winning the competition, Xiao Yan's next goal was to find and free his teacher Yao Chen. All three heads of the Pill Tower were good friends with Yao Lao and they helped Xiao Yan find the location where Yao Lao is held.

Volume 13: Yao Chen

Xiao Yan, Little Fairy Doctor, Zi Yan, Feng Xian, Yao Tian Huo and Tie Jian came to rescue the Yao Lao who was located in the Death Soul Mountain Range. They successfully infiltrated in the branch of Hall of Souls and after Xiao Yan found Yao Lao, he faced with the problem as Yao Lao was guarded by 5-Star Dou Zun and Xiao Yan only after using the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame gave others a chance to escape.

After a collision against the 5-Star Dou Zun, Xiao Yan was gravely injured but thanks to his Three Thousand Star Constitution, he recuperated very quickly when Yao Lao brought him to the Falling Star Pavilion where Xiao Yan could absorb the power of the stars...

Volume 14: Gu Clan

Hei Qing saves Xiao Yan from attack of the three Dou Zun experts from the Profound Sky Sect and takes him to the Ancient Dragon Island, the location of the Ancient Void Dragon Tribe, because Zi Yan needs his help. He helps Zi Yan to refine the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit and even gets a drop of Dragon Phoenix Blood from her.

After that he departs to the Gu Clan as Gu Clan sent invitation to Yao Lao who advanced to the Ban Sheng class. When Xiao Yan arrived to the location of the Gu Clan, he faced with a numerous challenges from his love rival who viewed Xun Er as a goddess in their hearts. Xiao Yan defeats one of the four generals of the Submerged Black Army who was two levels above him and on that way, Xiao Yan got an approval of the Gu Clan with evaluation that he is barely qualified to Xun Er's lover.

After ceremony all members of the Eight Ancient Clans enter the Heavenly Tomb and as Xiao Yan is a member of the Xiao Clan, he got qualification to enter it. There he meets with his ancestor Xiao Xuan gives him leftover part of the Dou Di Bloodline of Xiao Clan. Xiao Xuan fused Gu Clan bloodline, Dragon Phoenix Bloodline and Xiao Clan's Dou Di Bloodline in the body of Xiao Yan in order to strengthen his bloodline.

When Xiao Yan returned from the Heavenly Tomb, Yao Lao informs him that North-Western Region of the Dou Qi Continent where the Yan Alliance is located is in turmoil because of involvement of the Hall of Souls. Xiao Yan hurries with reinforcements and helps Yan Alliance to won already lost battle. Xiao Yan meets his daughter Xiao Xiao and reunites with Medusa and even marries her because of the great care she showed for Xiao Clan.

He returns with Medusa and Xiao Xiao to the Falling Star Pavilion and Yao Lao is delighted to meet Xiao Xiao who he already viewed as his own granddaughter.

Yao Lao and Xiao Yan decide to go to the Spatial Trade Fair in order to get the fourth fragment of the map for the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. Although they couldn't win in bidding for the map fragment, the successfully robbed it from the Yao Lao's previous enemies after they killed the notorious trio.

Volume 15: Dou Sheng class

Xiao Yan obtains the complete map for the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame and by burning it with the Heavenly Flame, he gets soul imprint of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint which would play the decisive role in obtaining the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame.

Xiao Yan comes to the Ancient Wasteland Region in search for the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. There he faces with many of his enemies like Hun Yu and Feng Qing Er. After all groups entered the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, they all fell into the powerful illusion and Xiao Yan managed to break the illusiion thanks to the Bodhisattva Seed which he obtained earlier from the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. Bodhisattva Ancient Tree asks Xiao Yan for help because he possesser Heavenly Flames. Xiao Yan successfully helps the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree to get rid of negative emotions of the Dou Di and Bodisattva Ancient Tree freed all the groups from illusion and rewarded Xiao Yan with experiencing 100 reincarnations and its most precious treasure, the Bodhisattva Heart.

After leaving the Ancient Wasteland Region, Xiao Yan went into the seclusion and thanks to the Bodhisattva Heart, he advanced to the Dou Sheng class. After advancement, Xiao Yan saved the Falling Star Pavilion from being destroyed by the Hall of Souls.

Realizing that Hall of Soul possesses even more formidable power, the mysterious Hun Clan, Xiao Yan and Yao Lao created the Sky Mansion Alliance with Burning Flame Valley, Flower Sect and Pill Tower as their most formidable allies.

Xiao Yan and Medusa went to the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python Tribe where Xiao Yan saves the tribe chief of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python Tribe, Yao Ming and forms an alliance with this formidable Magical Beast tribe. He left Medusa to cultivate in Nine Serene Deep Ground Python Tribe because the environment suits her as the Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python.

Xiao Yan intercepts three Dou Sheng experts of the Heavenly Demon Phoenix Tribe and finds out Zi Yan is in danger. He immediately went to the Empty Realm where he helps Zi Yan'side and relieves the Zi Yan's burden from facing the three Dragon Kings alone.

After helping Zi Yan, Xiao Yan goes with the members of the Sky Mansion Alliance to destroy the Man Hall of the Hall of Souls. There he obtains the soul cluster which helps him advance his soul to the Perfect Heavenly State.

As the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame's location was revealed, Xiao Yan goes to the meeting place and meets with Xun Er and other groups.

Volume 16: Uprising of the Hun Clan

Xiao Yan teaches Yao Tian a lesson because he insulted his teacher, Yao Lao. After opening of the realm where Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame was located, various forces enter the realm and immediately fall into the illusion technique of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. Thanks to imprint of Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint, Xiao Yan easily deals with this situation and saves all cultivators who fell into the illusion. After traveling through the realm, Xiao Yan meets his ancestor Xiao Chen and saves him from being fire slave of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. Power of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame is too strong and only after appearance of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint situation was going in the right direction. Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint deals with the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame by taking his intelligence and erasing his memories. Xiao Yan and Gu Xun Er were the only people left in the flame realm and Xiao Yan decides to refine the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame who was without any defense.

Unfortunately, Xiao Yan underestimated the power of the demonic flame and when he swallowed it, he almost exploded but thanks to Xun Er's intervention who offered him his virginity, Xiao Yan transfers part of energy to her through sexual intercourse. Xiao Yan and Xun Er woke up after 6 months and their cultivation soared. After fusing 6 types of Heavenly Flames, Heavenly Flame Spirit appeared and Xiao Yan gave him name Yi Wa.

After leaving Demonic Flame Realm, Xiao Yan deals with Hall of Souls and kills Hun Mie Sheng. Later Xiao Yan goes to the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python Tribe because Heaven Demon Phoenix Tribe is creating trouble for Cai Lin who was in seclusion. Xiao Yan deals with the tribe chief of the Heaven Demon Phoenix Tribe who told him that Zi Yan is in great trouble and their only intention was to keep Xiao Yan busy. Xiao Yan and Cai Lin went immediately to Empty Realm where the Ancient Void Dragon Tribe was located. Zi Yan was in great trouble facing the crazy Northern Dragon King but with the help of Xiao Yan they killed him and Xiao Yan even refined his body into the puppet.

After helping Zi Yan, Xiao Yan and Yao Lao went to the Yao Clan Ceremony where Xiao Yan competed a member of Hun Clan, member of Yao Clan and old man Shen Nong for the title of the best alchemist of the Dou Qi Continent. Xiao Yan manages to win by refining Tier 9 Mysterious Pill but he didn't have time for celebration because Hun Clan started an invasion on Yao Clan. Thanks to sacrifice of leader and elders of the Yao Clan, Xiao Yan, Yao Lao and members of young generation who were entrusted to Xiao Yan by the the head of Yao Clan manage to escape. Xiao Yan and Yao Ling barely manges to escape from pursue of 8-Star Dou Sheng of the Hun Clan by arriving in the Gu Clan's territory. Thanks to information given by Xiao Yan, Gu Clan, Lei Clan and Yan Clan created an alliance to face against the Hun Clan.

Hun Tiandi comes to the Gu Realm and after successfully obtained the Tou She Ancient God's Jade of the Gu Clan, he told Xiao Yan to meet him after half of month or he will kill his father, Xiao Zhan.

Xiao Yan enters the Heavenly Tomb again to see whether he can revive Xiao Xuan but Xiao Xuan didn't have any solutions for revival. Xiao Xuan sacrifices his soul fragment in order to help Xiao Yan obtain the Heavenly Tomb Soul which would help Xiao Yan to advance his soul to Di State.

Volume 17: Battle of the two Dou Di

After advancing his soul to the Di State, Xiao Yan exits the Heavenly Tomb. He comes in time when he should save his father. He meets with Hun Tiandi who exchanges Xiao Zhan for the Tou She Ancient God’s Jade. After emotional reunion with his father after more than 10 years, Xiao Yan introduces his daughter and his two wives to his father who couldn't be happier.

After some thinking based on the previous experience in the magma pool at the bottom of the Jia Nan Academy, Xiao Yan concludes Ancient God Mansion is probably in the magma world. He quickly comes to the Jia Nan Academy and just in time when Jia Nan Academy was going to be exterminated by the Hun Clan. Xiao Yan kills all members of the Hun Clan who came to the Jia Nan Academy and after this incident, Xiao Yan told Su Qian he should relocate academy because big battle is coming very soon.

Xiao Yan enters the magma world again and confirms that Ancient God Mansion' location. He meets at the bottom Zhu Kun, Zi Yan's father who intended to kill him because of the scent of Zi Yan's bloodline on Xiao Yan and as Xiao Yan a human, he concluded Xiao Yan killed his child. Luckily Xiao Yan manages to exit due to Zhu Kun's distraction.

Soon Hun Tiandi comes with the members of Hun Clan and summons the Ancient God Mansion. Zhu Kun is finally freed and immediately comes to take Xiao Yan's life but in the moment Xiao Yan was going to self destruct, Zi Yan comes and deals with her fater, thus Xiao Yan gained one very strong ally for the upcoming battle.

When the Ancient God Mansion opened, Hun Tiandi takes the embryonic Di Tier pill with the help of the Nihility Devouring Flame while the Heavenly Flames square was taken by the Zhu Kun. Hun Clan established bloody formation and by sacrificing who Central Plains and citizens of the Hun Realm, Hun Tiandi starts forming the Di Pill. Zhu Kun told heads of the alliance against the Hun Clan that the most important thing in the Ancient God Mansion was not an embryonic Di Tier pill but the inheritance left by the last Dou Di on the Dou Qi Continent, Tou She Ancient God. Due to the Xiao Yan being the only one compatible with the legacy, after some time he advances to the Dou Di class, just as the Hun Tiandi before him. As the only two Dou Di's on the Dou Qi Continent, Xiao Yan and Hun Tiandi starts the fight where winner will get everything while looser will lose everything.

Xiao Yan wins the battle on the end by sacrifcing his physical body in order to seal Hun Tiandi as Dou Di was very hard to kill and left him to Heavenly Flames for refining. After this battle Hun Clan is completely destroyed while Xiao Yan organizes wedding for Medusa and Xun Er.

After many years had passed, Xiao Yan concludes that Dou Di experts left the continet and left to other worlds. His journey has just begun.


Time passed and it had been several decades since the legendary battle between two Dou Dis. Over the decades, the Dou Qi Continent turned interesting once again. Generations of geniuses appeared, each stunning in their own ways. However, no matter how outstanding they were, there was always a shadow hanging over their heads. Flame Di, Xiao Yan.

The man who saved the entire Central Plains from Hun Di was now the strongest figure on the Dou Qi Continent. Although he was no longer to be seen in recent years, legends about him continued proliferating. The name of the Flame Di reached every corner of the Dou Qi Continent.

Xiao Yan waited for Xun Er, Cai Lin, Gu Yuan and Zhu Kun to finish their advancement to the Dou Di class as Xiao Yan previously opened the dimensional tunnel and sucked the Origin Qi from within which was necessary for advancement to the Dou Di class. After the mentioned four persons finished their advancement, five of them left the Dou Qi Continent.[11]


The Divorce, Meeting Yao Lao and The Return of a Genius

Xiao Yan's fiancée, Nalan Yanran and Elder Ge Ye from the Yun Lan Sect arrived at the Xiao family household to announce the cancellation of the engagement between her and Xiao Yan that was decided by Nalan Yanran's grandfather when she was little due to Xiao Yan suddenly losing his talent and turning from genius to trash in an instant three years ago, much to the anger of Xiao Yan's father, Xiao Zhan. Xiao Yan, feeling his pride was wounded, stabbed his chest through Nalan Yanran's sword but was alive due to the sword not piercing his heart. Xiao Yan realized that he was not to die today and declared a divorce of Nalan Yanran. Nalan Yanran, frustrated, agreed to accept Xiao Yan's divorce if he could beat her on the Yun Lan Mountain three years after this day. She and Ge Ye then left, after which Xiao Yan collapses due to the lost blood from the stab wound.

When Xiao Yan recovered and woke, he heard the servants guarding him mock him and wished him be dead. Xiao Yan exclaimed that he never expected a former genius would fall to the extent that even mere servants can mock him. Xiao Yan held out the ring left to him by his late mother, stating that it was the only thing it could truly call his own. Suddenly, a person began talking from inside the ring, surprising Xiao Yan. The person, or ghost, was Yao Lao and he asked Xiao Yan if he wanted more power.

Xiao Yan dismissed this as a dream and went to visit his mother's grave and apologized due to being unable to fulfill the hopes she placed on him when he was young. He declared that he will not suffer the same humiliation a second time and Yao Lao appeared again at this. He told Xiao Yan that he was the reason that Xiao Yan lost his Dou Qi three years ago, as he was in the ring secretly absorbing his Dou Qi to gather enough energy to wake up from his "deep slumber". Xiao Yan threw the ring away in a fit of anger, and later cries out in regret because he threw the only thing his mother left him. However, the ring returned, and Yao Lao commended his temper. Xiao Yan then confronts Yao Lao, accusing him as the one who took away his talent and made him suffer all the humiliation over the years. Yao Lao told him that he can return his powers to him, and when Xiao Yan expressed disbelief, Yao Lao pulled out his essence flame, the Bone Chilling Flame, to prove his powers. Xiao Yan then told Yao Lao that he will forgive Yao Lao taking away his Dou Qi if he could help him break through to 7th stage Dou Practitioner, threatening to throw the ring away if he refused. Yao Lao offered to teach Xiao Yan the arts of an alchemist, which Xiao Yan, though initially did not believe, accepts and declared Yao Lao as his master. Yao Lao then told the impatient Xiao Yan to buy ingredients for an elixir.

To gather the expensive materials, Xiao Yan took Xun 'Er on a shopping trip in the marketplace. Xun 'Er agreed to lend Xiao Yan a thousand coins, which Xiao Yan used to buy the ingredients, bargaining with the merchants in the process. Xun 'Er then ran away because she was angry at Xiao Yan abandoning her to find the materials in the marketplace, much to the puzzlement of Xiao Yan. Then, Jia Lie Ao arrived at the marketplace and attempted to hit on Xun 'Er by giving her a bracelet with a monster core on it. Realizing that the monster core was one of the items Xiao Yan needed, Xun 'Er let down her pride to take it, but was stopped by Xiao Yan who arrived and gave her a bracelet he bought, a bracelet Xun 'Er liked and wanted before, which Xun 'Er happily accepted. Jia Lie Ao, angry, proceeded to attack Xiao Yan, which was stopped by the head of security of the Xiao family territories. Jia Lie Ao then began to mock Xiao Yan about the mishap with Nalan Yanran, but Xiao Yan did not fight Jia Lie Ao over his provocations. Xiao Yan tricked Jia Lie Ao and his associates by stating a man Jia Lie Ao beat up before was a servant of the Xiao family, and Jia Lie Ao was forced to leave lest a declaration of war is made. Xiao Yan then found the core and a piece of metal with a Dou Qi skill inside, the latter mistaken for a regular piece of scrap metal. Knowing this, Xiao Yan bought the core and the scrap metal.

Yao Lao revealed that the hidden Dou Qi skill was Vacuum Palm, a Xuan Class Low Lever skill, which Yao Lao dismissed as useless but Xiao Yan greatly revered. Yao Lao then used the materials Xiao Yan bought to create the Elixir of Foundation Spirits, an elixir capable of increasing his power quickly. Xiao Yan was then told by his father that the Coming-Of-Age Ceremony of the Xiao Clan is starting in six months instead of a year, a scheme by the other Xiao Clan elders to force Xiao Yan out of the clan, and Xiao Yan realized that the elixir his master made for him may not be enough to increase his strength to his original level in time. However, Xiao Yan declared he would not give up and will make the other clan members recognize his strength.

On the way of returning from taking several skill scrolls, Xiao Yan witnessed a duel between Xun 'Er and his cousin, Xiao Ning, who was the child of the first elder of the Xiao Clan, which Xun 'Er wins easily. Seeing Xiao Yan, Xiao Ning began to mock him of losing his talent and hiding behind the powerful Xun'Er, and declaring that Xiao Yan was not worth Xun 'Er and that he will make Xiao Yan die of embarrassment at the Coming-Of-Age Ceremony, to which Xiao Yan replies that he looks forward to it. In the mountains, Xiao Yan begged Yao Lao to teach him a powerful skill, to which Yao Lao reluctantly obliges: the Xuan-Class Higher Level skill Octane Blast, which would become his signature move later on.

Xiao Yan then undergoes hellish training with Yao Lao, in which the latter constantly blasts him with Dou Qi to train Xiao Yan's physical toughness to master the new move. When Yao Lao calls for rest, Xiao Yan refused, stating that he will make the ones who looked down on him repent. Yao Lao then continues the training throughout the night, stating that Nalan Yanran has awakened a monster by challenging Xiao Yan's pride with the cancellation of the engagement.

Two months later, Xiao Yan had to buy new ingredients to make the Elixir of Foundation Spirits that was used up. Xiao Yan, too embarrassed to borrow money from Xun 'Er again, hatched a plan to auction lower-quality elixirs made by Yao Lao anonymously in exchange for the ingredients at the Miteer Auction House. There he met Mister Clooney, who was astonished that an alchemist of such skill was in town. The auction was held by the niece of Clooney, Ya Fei, that was curious about the anonymous alchemist. After the elixir and other items were auctioned off, Ya Fei brought in a Xuan-Class Higher Level skill Wind Swirl, which Yao Lao remarks as useless and told Xiao Yan that he would show him a true powerful skill when he had become stronger.


  • At 4 he started practicing, and at 10 he achieved the 9th stage Dou Zhi Li. At 11 he broke the 10th stage Dou Zhi Li barrier and condensed his Dou Zhi Qi Zu successfully. He became the youngest Dou Zhe in the clan since the past 100 years.[12]
  • He was reborn into the Xiao Family.[13]
  • On his finger was a black ring of simple design. The material used to make it was unknown. On it were some markings as well. This was the only present his late mother gave to him before she passed. He started wearing it since the age of 4 and even, 10 years later, he was still wearing. It was a precious gift from his mother and Xiao Yan treasured it dearly. [13]
  • Though his Dou Zhi Qi was only 3rd stage, his spiritual awareness was akin to that of a 5 star Dou Zhe, perhaps even better.[13]
  • He fed young Amethyst Winged Lion with laxatives.[14]
  • Xiao Yan felt heartache by spilling Amethyst Essence so he licked it from the floor.[14]
  • While he was in Tager Desert he trained by burying head into the hot sand just like an ostrich.[15]
  • On the night after Xiao Yan had arrived in Rock Desert City, Xiao Yan, who had never touched liquor made an exception and went happily to a liquor stall with Xiao Ding and Xiao Li.[16]
  • Back then, his persistence on training during the three years in which he had been regarded as a useless person had caused Xiao Yan to stabilize his training foundation until it was extremely firm. Only with this starting point, which was as stable as a rock, could Xiao Yan have the opportunity to continue advancing, building a towering strength which could cause others to be shocked.[17]
  • His brothers are very protective of him and left the clan to protect him.
  • When he was 3 he broke a precious vase.
  • When he was 4 he was peeking at the love letter that Xiao Li was writing to Xiao Lei.
  • When he was 5 he rubbed chili powder on to Xiao Ding underpants.
  • Yan Xiao which was his fake name is just his real name flipped backward.
  • His spirit is quite strong due to the fact that he was reincarnated and with a strong spirit this meant that he can absorb Dou Qi quick fast and in vast amount. This is the cause for his growth.[13]
  • Xiao Yan always liked to refine medicinal pills in his best condition. Being in his best condition allowed his Spiritual Perception and his degree of flame control to be in their peak states. If he refined medicinal pills at such a moment, it was undoubted that his success rate would reach its highest level.[18]
  • The Xiao Yan who was holding the Heavy Xuan Ruler was not frightening. The unarmed and barehanded Xiao Yan was a true fighting machine.
  • He likes to pinch Xiao Xun cheeks.
  • His name Yan means a fire which represents the phoenix that will rise from the ashes which means he will never give up.
  • In the light novel he has a habit of brushing his nose.
  • In the light novel he entered rank 8 and 9 pre Dou Zhe when he was asleep.
  • Even though officially he is a 2nd Rank Alchemist, he has the ability to create high level pills.
  • Xiao Yan was reincarnated from Earth
  • His first official wife was Medusa but he threw a big wedding for both Medusa (Cai Lin) and Xiao Xun.
  • Regardless of how great one’s talent was, there was a limit to one’s ability. It was impossible for someone to split one’s attention to do other things while focusing on training. While his strength had reached such a stage, his alchemist skill had also reached a level that an ordinary person had difficulty achieving. This was an unbelievable thing from many people’s point of view. The reason was that just any single one of the two would exhaust an incredible amount of effort from a person. If one were able to truly rely on oneself to reach such a stage in both areas, it was likely that the person could only be described by the word ‘monster.’[19]
  • If one were to talk about it, Xiao Yan could be also considered to possess a body that contained two elemental affinities, fire and wood. Of course, the fire affinity formed the majority of his constitution while wood was only present in a small amount. This was the case for every single alchemist since this was the requirement. A two elemental affinity constitution was not very suitable for training because the elements were not pure. It was still alright for a constitution like that of Xiao Yan. The wood affinity only occupied a small part of his body.[20]
  • Xiao Yan’s bloodline strength is the merger of the Xiao clan’s bloodline, the Gu clan’s bloodline, and the Dragon Phoenix’s bloodline.

Light Novel VS Manhua

  • In the light novel, the first potion Xiao Yan made without the help of Yao Lao was an aphrodisiac. When Xiao Yan was being nurtured by Yun Yun she accidentally put this aphrodisiac in the fish she cooked. Xiao Yan and Yun Yun almost had sex because of Yun Yun's loss of control due to her Dou Qi being sealed. Xiao Yan loses his first kiss to Yun Yun during this time.
  • In the manhua it never really stated who Xiao Yan was in his past life however in the light novel it states "In his past life, Xiao Yan was a mediocre, average commoner. Wealth, fame and beauty seemed to run parallel to his life, never intersecting it." this suggests that in the past Xiao Yan was neither famous or rich as he was just an average person.
  • In the light novel its officially stated that he wore the ring that contained Yao Lao at the age of 4 and Yao Lao started absorbing Xiao Yan Dou Qi at the age of 12.
  • In the light novel he had a whole year to prepare for the coming of age ceremony while in the manhua he only had 6 months. However like the manhua he only needed 6 months to reach the 7th rank however reaching the 8th rank took a lot longer.
  • In the light novel, he didn't get robbed when he first entered black horn territory, in fact Yao Lao told him that this place is not a place where kindness and mercy exist, only those with enough ruthlessness and resolve can survive here, and Xiao Yan agreed wholeheartedly.
  • He started acting more flirty with Ya Fei after they became business partners and even defended her honor more than once. This left Nalan Yanran in shock as she thought he had a cold attitude towards her because of his personality.
  • Even though he was cold to Nalan Yanran as Yan Xiao, he was a bit shocked on seeing her interact closely with Liu Ling. Liu Ling initially thought him as an opponent for Nalan Yanran's affection and tried to beat him in the Alchemist Competition. After finding out his true identity, he was pleased as Xiao Yan would never hold out any feelings for Nalan Yanran.
  • In the manhua, the people who gathered for the Three Year Tournament identified that Xiao Yan was Yan Xiao due to the use of the Heavenly Flame. In the light novel, they found out because of the method for using the Purple Flame(He uses a Danwan created using the Heaven Swallowing Python's Saliva and Amethyst Essence and spits the flame onto his hand).
  • Unlike the manhua, Nalan Jie and Jia Lao did not help him escape Jia Ma Empire. Xiao Yan is even irritated at Nalan Jie especially after everything he promised Xiao Yan for helping him remove the Searing Poison.
  • Using the Three-Line Green Spirit Pill, he promoted from Dou Shi to Da Dou Shi. However, he could not fully absorb the full effects of the pill. After the battle with Yun Shan, he increased his Da Dou Shi rank by two stars using the pill's leftover energy on Yao Lao's advice.
  • The shift in Xiao Yan's personalities between light novel and manhua is quite significant. However, this is a noticeable trend in most light novel which were later adapted on to become manhua. The most common speculation as to why this is so is because xianxia light novels tend to portray practitioners and the world they live in as a very harsh one (where strength equals might and trickery plus deception the key way to overcoming opponents many times one's own strength). Manhua's however are usually tended for a younger audience and hence why a character's violence and actions are sometimes toned down, maybe even skipped altogether.
  • Xiao Yan is mentioned and is the 'Flame Emperor' in the light novel The Great Ruler, one of the top powerhouses in the Great World where thousands of planes intersect in the center and only the strongest whom reached the apex of their plane (world) can ascend to it.



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