Xiao Xiao is the daughter of Xiao Yan and Medusa.She has higher potential than her mother due to the 7 tier Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill provided by Xiao Yan .

Appearance Edit

There was a little girl in white clothes there. The little girl appeared to be four or five years old. She appeared like beautifully carved jade and was extremely cute. There was a small seven colored snake symbol on her brows. Her large dark-black eyes contained a spirituality that caused one to feel the desire to hold her. One could be mesmerized by her. Only when one recovered would one quietly feel awed. She already possessed such an unusual enchantment at such a young age. Would she not be even more bewitching than her mother when she grew up?[1]

Ablities Edit

She can instantly use Dou Zong level powers due to her spiritual connection with the seven colured heaven swallowing python without needing to cultivate.[2]

Plot Edit

She briefly appears during Chapter 1230. Calling out to Medusa as Mother. She was also an Elite Dou Zong a that time.

She has the spirit of the Seven Coloured Heaven Swallowing Python accompanying her (who is in manhua known as Xiao Cai).

Trivia Edit

  • When Xiao Yan became a Dou Di, Xiao Xiao's increased by two classes because she is Xiao Yan's direct blood descendant.
  • She is called Xiao Cai in the english manhua translated version
  • Her father is Xiao Yan and her mother is Medusa
  • She has the  Seven Coloured Heaven Swallowing Python accompanying her.
  • Yao Lao seems to like her and said that he was willing to train her, citing that her potential exceeds that of Xiao Yan's.
  • in the LN, she is Xiao Yan and Medusa's daughter from their intercourse and XIao Cai is her beast companion. In the manhua it looks like Xiao Cai was the child that Medusa was pregnant with (this needs confirming when she appear in manhua. The manhua edited the Medusa's incident with Xiao Yan, so they come up with something else for the child's existence.)


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