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Season 5 of the Donghua continues with a new high energy Arc. Here, you will witness the beginning of Xiao Yan and Cai Lin's love Story, meet Little Fairy Doctor, Meet Han Feng again and then start the journey towards the Central Plains where true powerhouses present (Including Xun'er's Sect which is one of the most powerful in the world).


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This Article is based on the Official Translations of the Light Novel series! The information and terminology in the article will be based on the source material rather than the Donghua (Anime) or Manhua.

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Xiao Xiao is the daughter of Xiao Yan and Medusa. She has high potential due to the 8 tier First Start Pill[3] provided by Xiao Yan after she was born plus she is the direct descendant of a two Dou Di's.[4]


That jade carving like face of the little girl made her appear like an exquisite porcelain doll. It caused only to like her so much to the point of being unable to let her go. A pair of dark black intelligent eyes appeared exceptionally sly under the moonlight.[1]

There was a little girl in white clothes there. The little girl appeared to be four or five years old. She appeared like beautifully carved jade and was extremely cute. There was a small seven colored snake symbol on her brows. Her large dark-black eyes contained a spirituality that caused one to feel the desire to hold her. One could be mesmerized by her. Only when one recovered would one quietly feel awed. She already possessed such an unusual enchantment at such a young age. Would she not be even more bewitching than her mother when she grew up?[5]


She has a very cheerful attitude and is a fathers little girl as she clings to her father whenever she is with him.


Her name Xiāo Xiāo (萧萧).

  • Xiǎo xiǎo (小小) by itself can mean 'Small, Tiny, Few, Young or Smile." when put together, it also mean small. You will not find any full name that's called 小小. It is used as a girl's name, a famous woman using this name is Su Xiaoxiao, a courtesan who lived in Northern and Southern Dynasties. However, 小小 is not her Chinese name nor is its pinyin Xiǎo xiǎo.
  • (萧萧), is her real name, the first character is surname and her name simply means "Flute or the Edges of a Bow."


She can instantly use Dou Zong level powers due to her spiritual connection with the seven-colored heaven swallowing python without needing to cultivate.[6] and being daughter of the Dou Di Xiao Yan.


She is the first child Xiao Yan and the daughter he had with Cai Lin.


She is born while Xiao Yan is in the central plains and firsts shows up when Cai Lin is thinking about Xiao Yan and the promise he made to return as she misses him greatly. She floats up the stairs and calls out to Cai Lin.[1]

When Xiao Yan finally returned to the Jia Ma Empire to save the Yan Alliance he saved her from an ally of Shi Tian and his forces.[7] She came with her mother and Xiao Yan when he solved all the issues pertaining to the Yan Alliance and returned to the Falling Star Pavilion. Once Yao Chen met her he was amazed at her talent and took her as his disciple.[8]

Later after Xiao Yan rescued Xiao Chen from the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame, Xiao Chen became enamored with her and taught her all his skills making Little Fairy Doctor and Qing Lin think he was next going to give her all his Dou Qi.

At the final battle Cai Lin is holding her as Xiao Xiao asks if her father will come. Cai Lin tells her he will come since he has to save her. After Cai Lin makes this statement Xiao Xiao's cultivation soars to an 8 Star Dou Sheng as Xiao Yan appears after attaining Dou Di rank.[4]


Are you Father?
— Xiao Xiao to Xiao Yan[2]
Aye, father, do your best…
— Xiao Xiao to Xiao Yan[2]
“Father is mighty.”
— Xiao Xiao to Xiao Yan[6]


  • When Xiao Yan became a Dou Di, Xiao Xiao's cultivation increased by two classes because she is Xiao Yan's direct blood descendant.
  • She is called Xiao Cai in the English manhua translated version
  • She has the  Seven Colored Heaven Swallowing Python accompanying her.
  • Yao Lao seems to like her and said that he was willing to train her, citing that her potential exceeds that of Xiao Yan's.
  • In the LN, she is Xiao Yan and Medusa's daughter from Xiao Yan's forced intercourse(rape) of Medusa due to the sequelae from him swallowing the Fallen Heart Flame. Xiao Cai used Xiao Xiao to reincarnate and become her beast companion.[6] In the manhua they come up with immaculate conception to explain away her birth.
  • Xiao Yan left her with Origin Qi to use to advance to Dou Di and once she does to follow him and her mother to the other realm.[9]
  • Xiao Xiao is a lot more timid and soft spoken compared to her excitable manhua counterpart upon first meeting her father.