Monster Core
The monster core is the energy nuclei within a Magical Beast and is filled with extremely violent world energy. When is taken out of a magical beast this energy may cause slight changes in their surrondings, depending on his level and elemental affinity. Their size seems to have little variation despite the increase in rank and size of the magical beasts.

A monster core that goes through an Receptarier's refining can be infused with some herbs to become desirable and expensive pills that can increase strength. Furthermore, a weapon fused with a monster core does not only have increased destructive power, it can also have special Dou Qi effects, and becomes a highly sought after commodity. Besides weapons, the defensive equipment that have monster cores have an extreme defense and give their users an extra safety net. Even jewelry can have monster cores, providing different benefits. It seems that a monster core can be polished like a gem (this can be seen in some chapters of the manhua) but is never explicitly said.

With that many uses, monster cores are naturally the most sought after items. Especially those of high level. For this reason the supply is always unable to meet the demand from the buyers, thus whenever a high level core appears in any auction or other setting, it is bought almost immediately at a high price.

Because of the high value of monster cores, many Mercenary groups specialize in killing magical beasts for a living, but getting a monster core is not a simple task.

Monster cores are also known as Magic Crystals.