A medicinal cauldron is the most important thing that an alchemist possesses. A good medicinal cauldron would be able to increase the chances of successfully refining a pill by a large amount.

Medicinal cauldrons also have their own set of tiers. The more outlets for fire a cauldron’s furnace has, the higher tier a medicinal cauldron is and thus the rarer it is. Don’t assume that one can just randomly make a few holes to add another few outlets. Outsiders don’t even have a hint of discernment for the mysteries of these outlets. Outlets are the essence of a medicinal cauldron, and require extreme precision to polish to perfection. If one were made with even the slightest error, the whole medicinal cauldron would be considered junk. As such, the more outlets a medicinal cauldron has, the better the auxiliary effect is for an alchemist when refining. Of course, if you wish to control multiple outlets, you need very high soul perception.[1]

Cauldron Ranking Edit

In the alchemist world, a medicinal cauldron was extremely helpful to an alchemist. When refining a medicinal pill, the best cauldron has the notable ability to increase the chances of success. Moreover, some of the low tier medicinal cauldrons didn’t have a very great ability to withstand heat. This would result in the cauldron suddenly bursting apart when refining medicinal pills. Therefore, the medicinal cauldrons also had quite a detailed difference in their grade. The cauldrons increased in quality from tier one to eight. Above tier eight, there was the ‘Heavenly Cauldron Ranking’. There seemed to be only thirteen medicinal cauldrons belonging to this grade. From this, it could be seen just how valuable they were. [2]

Just like the ‘Heavenly Flame’ Ranking, in the alchemist world, there was also a similar ‘Heavenly Cauldron’ Ranking. As the name suggest, the ‘Cauldron Ranking’ records the most perfect and outstanding medicinal cauldrons. There were a total of thirteen cauldrons on the ‘Cauldron Ranking’. Each of the medicinal cauldrons on it had a bewitchment that caused countless alchemists to pursue them with greed. The eighth rank on the ‘Cauldron Ranking’ was called, ‘Black Demon’.[3]

Heavenly Cauldron Ranking

Types Edit

  • Cauldron with two outlets


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