Locations with forces Edit

Great Thousand World

The world is vast, endless, and the nations are connected, connecting countless planes, the center of all planes. According to legend, there is a solution to the mystery of the disappearance of the Dou Di.
Dou Qi Continent One of the lower planes, the plot of "Battle Through The Heavens" takes place here.
North Western Region Northwestern region of the Dou Qi Continent. The area is vast, the location is relatively remote, and countless forces are here. A sectarian meeting will be held every five years, organized by some of the most powerful forces in the Northwest Territories.
Jia Ma Empire Country located in the northwest of Dou Qi Continent. The place where the plot of "Battle Through The Heavens" begins.
Misty Cloud Sect
Yan Alliance
Chu Yun Empire
Poison Sect
Ten Thousand Scorpion Sect
Sky Serpent Empire
Sky Serpent Mansion
Luo Yan Empire
Golden Geese Sect
Mulan Empire
Mulan Valley
Sky Heart Empire
Black-Corner Region
Jia Nan Academy
Xiao Gate
Central Plains
Northern Region
Wind Lightning Pavilion
Southern Region
Falling Star Pavilion
Central Region
Pill Tower
Burning Flame Valley
Ice River Valley
Eastern Region
Western Region
Flower Sect
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