Keke, the Xiao Clan? Are they very strong? All they did was gain a little popularity with the help of the Blood Clotting Powder. If I wished to, I could easily destroy the Xiao Clan. The Spring Reviving Powder is but a healing medicine that I randomly made.
Liu Xi[1]

 Appearance Edit

He is described as being very pale but seemingly handsome otherwise. 

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With only thoughts controlled by lust, besides knowing alchemy, he has no other good points. The only time he didn't think about lust was when he was about to get killed.  After managing to survive the first assassination attempt, he planned on bringing his teacher there to teach the Xiao Clan a lesson, but was killed moments later by a Heavenly Flame

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In the light novel, he is the first person to be killed indirectly by Xiao Yan. Yao Lao did the actual killing, but he needed Xiao Yan's body to pull it off due to being a spirit.


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