I am someone who disdains taking advantage of another when the other is in trouble.
Liu Qing[1]

Tyrant Spear Liu Qing is a top expert among the top ten of the ‘Strong Ranking.’ One can count the number of students in the Inner Academy who are able to defeat him with one’s fingers. Additionally, in the Fighting Arena, he was one of the few extremely strong people who had once maintained eight consecutive victories. There are quite a number of people in the Inner Academy who view his name with reverence.[3]

Appearance Edit

Light Novel Edit

The man who appeared in the battleground had a tall and large body which was not much different from the ape-like body of Yan Hao. He wore a chinese garment, and had a resolute face. His eyebrows were quite thick, and he was carrying a dark-black heavy spear that was as tall as him on his back. This black-colored long spear was longer than any spear Xiao Yan had ever seen before. This spear also carried a sharp tyrant-like aura, much like its owner.[1]

Manhua Edit

Has a wild appearance with white hair and reddish brown eyes. His famous weapon is a spear.

Personality Edit

Liu Qing has a tendancy to fight. Compared to his cousin Liu Fei, he was a much better person. His temper changed when he became the head of the Liu Clan as he had to think not only for himself but for his clan members too.

Plot Edit

Liu Quing is a former student at Jia Nan Academy and occupied the third position on the Strong Ranking untill he tied with Xiao Yan and both of them recieved the tenth position.

He was one of the best students in Jia Nan Academy. He had a small dispute toward Xiao Yan because of his cousin Liu Fei. However, that was all solved when their fight was over.

After he graduated from the Jia Nan Academy he went with Xiao Yan to the Jia Ma Empire in order to help him fight against the Misty Cloud Sect. When fight was over and Xiao Yan won, he and Lin Xiuya returned to their clans.

After Liu Qing became the head of the Liu Clan, he had a problem with the rival clan in the Tianhuang City as both clans wanted to control the Wormhole. Burning Flame Valley decided to give rights to control the Wormhole to the clan that finds better alchemist. Liu Clan only had a Tier 5 Alchemist and couldn't compare to the Chen Clan but that all changed with appearance of the Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan showed he is Tier 7 Alchemist and brought Liu Clan rights for the Worhole and popularity in the Tianhuang City.


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