Ling Ying is a servant from the "Gu" clan that is currently taking direct orders from Xun Er to observe and protect Xiao Yan. He is a powerful Dou Emperor capable of destroying the Yun Lan Sect's barrier. In addition, he is very protective of Xun Er's feelings since he told Xiao Yan to not to hurt her feelings.


Ling Ying is a tall and lean muscular person with dark skin. His hair is white and his eyes show a dark yellow color.

In the novel, he is described to be an old man with an elderly appearance.


Ling Ying is acts very protective of his master feelings, and he follow his orders through even if he feels they are unbeneficial to the current mission.

He is also a very brave and rather outspoken person from the way he sternly confronts Xiao Yan. Likewise, Ling Ying appears to be someone who actually dares to face powerful opponents without so much as a flinch or even a thought for the consequences that might be earned as a result of his actions, further emphasizing his boldness.

In the light novel however, his character was much less aggressive; while Ling Ying was still willing to take drastic actions, he never actually threaten Xiao Yan if the latter ever hurt Xun Er in the light novel but rather advised him that should he ever wish to earn his mistress's heart, then the latter had better grow stronger and fast as "only those who had strength had dignity". This suggests a mutual respect between the pair.


Trivia Edit

  • Ling Ying's element type holds some (very) slight reverence as explored in the light novel; one possible reason for this could be due to the fact that the light novel states that his darkness element was "Unusual and not commonly seen among practitioners". In the manhua however; this was never explored. However a homage the manhua paid to the novel could be seen in the way Ling Ying's dou qi as well as attacks were all colored black, probably a reference to his darkness-type element.
  • His outfit seems reminiscent of the typical "assassin" or "thief" like character job classes in mmorpg games, perhaps a further reference to his elemental type.
  • He periodically gives information about Xiao Yan to Xiao Xun