The Life Spirit Flame was ranked fifth on the Heavenly Flame Ranking. This Heavenly Flame was extremely mysterious because most flames were filled with a destructive force despite their many forms. However, this Life Spirit Flame, did not display an overly strong destructive force. Instead, it was filled with a life force. It was rumored that when such a Heavenly Flame was used, any medicinal ingredient seeds within it would swiftly sprout and grow. In other words, one would not need to worry about searching for medicinal ingredients with such a Heavenly Flame. As long as one possessed sufficient seeds, one would be able to obtain the medicinal ingredients one needed. Thus, this flame was extremely mysterious.

Moreover, this Life Spirit Flame was considered a longevity flame. The person who obtained it would have a lifespan comparable to those Magical Beasts famous for their long lives, but the only disadvantage was that this flame was not suitable for combat. It did not really increase one’s fighting strength.[1]


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