This page was made to explain and gather the items, that appear during Xiao Yan´s adventures.

Name Properties Image
Heavy Black Rule A dull blade that created from black iron. It is heavy and durable.  It has also been said to possess the mysterious ability to suppress dou qi. It can improve the training speed of a person.
Ocean's Heart Armor Made from a metal that grows within the stomach of a 6 rank ocean magical beast knows as 3 tailed blue whale.
Storage Rings Used to store items.
Xiao Yan Rings
Blood Poison Upon killing someone it will turn the body into blood, which later vaporizes
Blood poison (2)
Medical Kiln Medical Kiln have their own grades and the more intake the higher the grades.
Medical Kiln
Stone Pillars In Order to avoid it becoming lost, large sect would specifically use a device to preserve unique Gong Fu and Dou Qi Techniques.
Stone Pillar