She is described as an unattainable flower and the number one beauty of the inner branch. She is leader of all girl force by the name of Spirit. She is seemingly very popular and highly respected by other students.

Appearance Edit

She is a beautiful girl with silver hair and violet eyes. In addition she is tall and slim.

Personality Edit

Very talented for her age she can be quite haughty. However she is a fair person who looks after the women of her sect within Jia Academy.

History Edit

Plot Edit

Jia Nan Academy Inner Branch Edit

She helped out Xiao Yan when he was secretly attacked by White Clan member Fu Ao and she even approached Xiao Yan and asked him if he was a Receptarier since he have an Essence Flame. It is stated that because she is from a Receptarier family she would take care of them. Then she went on to warn him about the counterattack of White clan and how her “Spirit” will help protect Xiao Yan’s Boulder Sect.

During Xiao Yan's training to master the 3000 Lightning Movement, his master dragged him to see a battle between Han Yue, 3rd in the Power Ranking Yan Hao, and 2nd in the Power Ranking Lin Xiu Ya versus a Snow Demonic Ape in order to acquire the geocentric cleansing milk.

Trivia Edit

  • She is considered to be the number 1 beauty of the inner branch before Xun Er comes in that is.