Han Feng is the disciple of Yao Lao. Due to his greed and pursuit of power, he murdered his master with the assistance of Spirit Hall. He was promised Terminal Blaze, but his master destroyed it and took it to the grave.

He also aimed for the 14th Esscene flame found in Jia Nan Academy but didn't attack due to lack of proof.

He is currently in possession of the 15th Essence flame.

Appearance Edit

He had green hair and red eyes, ever since he was a child he had a costume with green colors in it. Almost everything he wore had the color green in it, even his essence flame.

Personality Edit

Han Feng was cruel and malicious. He did not care for others, he even tried to kill his own master if it meant becoming stronger. He kidnapped, killed and experimented on innocent humans to see if that could make him stronger. He did not care what the price for power is, as long as it meant power.

History Edit

Yao Lao, rescued Han Feng from being killed by thugs. Yao Lao took care of Han Feng as if he was his own son. He was a genius, compared to Xiao Yan it was said to be like comparing heaven and earth.

Han Feng studied under Yao Lao for a long time maybe even a year or 2. But Han Feng was corrupted, he didn´t understand what was bad about killing those weaker than you. But his master did, and that made him hesitate to teach him the Terminal Blaze. Han Feng noticed that his master would not give it to him.

So Han Feng poisoned him. And it was revealed that Han Feng had aquired help from Spirit Hall, to become stronger in turn they would take Yao Lao´s soul. And Han Feng would get Yao Lao´s Qi Accumulation. However Yao Lao put a stop to this by turning into a spirit and blowing up his original body, the terminal blaze included.

Many years later Han Feng is seen in a bulding hearing about his masters return.

Plot Edit

  • After Xiao Yan handed Han Feng's Soul to Yao Lao his fate has become unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • Han Feng is the first disciple that Yao Lao taught.
  • Han Feng is the 3rd in the Black Horn Territory.