Hai Po Dong is the one of the founders of the Mitre Family. His prowess in ice Dou Qi earned him the title Ice Emperor. After breaking the seal that was placed on him by Queen Medusa, he was transformed into a child beacuse of a modification of the 6th rank Destruction Pill by Yao Lao.

Appearance Edit

When he was first shown he was a tall old man with a long light blue hair and beard. After eating the modified pill he turns into a young tanned boy with blue hair (in manhua only).

Personality Edit

In the beginning he was angry and distrustful of all, But after Xiao yan helped him by restoring his powers he began show care for him .

History Edit

Hai Po Dong has a deep relationship with the Miteer Family. Additionally, the former leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, Yun Shan seemed to have a friendship with him in the past.

Plot Edit

After Xiao Yan went to a shabby looking shop to buy maps, he fortunately found a piece of the map of the Purifying Lotus Demon Flame. When asked to purchase said map fragment, Hai Po Dong refused and told Xiao Yan he would not give the piece unless he is able to create a Tier 6 Pill that requires the use of a Heavenly Flame. Said Pill would allow him to restore his power that was sealed by Queen Medusa.

When Xiao Yan later returned after obtaining a Heavenly Flame, Hai Po Dong gave the Tier 6 Pill Formula to create the “Breaking Adversity Pill”. When said Pill was successfully created and later consumed by Hai Po Dong, the Ice Emperor in his moment of once more being a Dou Haung considered attacking Xiao Yan before decision not to.

In the novel there's a hidden trap that would prevent him from harming Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan later hires Hai Po Dong as a bodyguard against the Misty Cloud Sect and further extended his stay as a bodyguard for a year by promising to create a Tier 5 Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill for him which would allow Hai Po Dong to restore his power from 2 Star Dou Huang to 5 Star Dou Huang within a single year.

Due to this, Hai Po Dong followed and aided Xiao Yan in infiltrating the Mo Clan to find Qing Ling and later aided him against Lu Man and Bai Ya when the latter two captured Qing Ling. In the fight, Hai Po Dong was unable to properly harm Lu Man and was greatly shocked to the point of traumatization from the incomplete Angry Buddha Lotus Flame that heavily injured Lu Man before forcing him to retreat. Hai Po Dong then collected the unconscious Xiao Yan and headed to safety.

During the Alchemist Grand Meeting, he was one of the people who discovered Yan Li was in disguise from the Chu Yun Empire’s Alchemist Association and later hunted him down after he had lost the competition to Xiao Yan. Following this, Hai Po Dong was one of the seated guests during the "Three Year Promise" between Xaio Yan and Nalan Yan Ran. When the Misty Cloud Sect wanted to confide Xiao Yan, he went into battle to defend him, aiding him to escape. To repeated later on when Xiao Yan went to attack the Misty Cloud Sect to kill Yun Leng causing Xiao Yan to promise himself into debt to Hai Po Dong.

Later on in the series, he becomes one of the elders of the Yan alliance established by Xiao Yan and helped defend Jia Ma empire from the invading sects that was instigated by the Hall of Souls.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the second person to see Yao Lao in his spirit form first being Xiao Yan, while third being Medusa.

Manhua Edit

In the manhua , Xiao yan gave a pill to Hai Po Dong with which he turned to spoiled child. In the manhua only he attack because he's enraged by the fact he's become a kid. He agrees to travel with Xiao Yan for the sake of restoring his old body. He would always get enraged when they mistook him for Xiao Yan's son.

Light Novel Edit

  • In the novel however, he was not transformed into a child but there is a small amount of Chilling Bone Flame in his body which is the back up plan to fry his ass should he betray Xiao Yan.
  • In the light novel, he didn't need the full recovery pill in order to fully regain his peak power. He somehow has eaten that pill in the time period when Xiao Yan go to the Jia Nan Academy. Xiao Yan didn't know of this so he created this recovery pill as the first 6th grade pill he offically made as a compensation for all the helps that Hai Po Dong gave to Xiao family.