Gu He is a renowned Receptarier that is known as the "Elixir King". He is affiliated with the Yun Lan Sect.

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He is carrying unrequited feelings towards Yun Yun.

History Edit

He is affiliated with the Yun Lan Sect. He produced some elixirs for Ge Ye and Na Lan Yan Ran as a gift for Xiao Family. This elixirs could raise individuals Dou-Qi significantly.

He is the known as sixth ranked Elixir Master. Rumor says even Dou-Wang are lined for his elixirs.

  • In the past there was a family in the Jia Ma Empire that insulted Gu He and he sent four Dou Wang to annihilate the family. They insulted Gu He by targeting his recipes, which is a Receptarier blood and sweat.

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