This is the game known as: "Đấu Phá Thương Khung" by Vietnamese, also the name of the series in Vietnamese. This is a Client MMORPG game. It was released on november 2015 as an alpha test, and on december 2015 as a closed beta, and it've been updated more recently. It was modified, more like translated, from the originally Chinese version.

In this game, you can play as one of the four different classes of character in an account, and of course, you can change to another character. But this game needs so much of diamonds (if you don't want to be weak !).

At the beginning of a character, you will be a member of the Xiao clan, a genius one of the clan. And your character is the only one who do all the things in the game. And some special event will appear at the set-times.

The Vietnamese version curently have 21 servers.

Character types:

Mages("Pháp sư") best for playing in a team thus mostly a supporter.

Archer("Cung thủ") excels at attack and critical damage.

Traveller("Du hiệp") excels at health and critical damage.

Dou Shi- Fighter("Đấu Sĩ") best at defense and attack.

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