Leader of the Falling Star Pavillion. While Yao Lao holds the title of Chief, Feng Xian manages the pavillion while Yao Lao is away. Xiao Yan journeys to present Yao Lao's ring to him in order to get his help.

Appearance Edit

The old man was wearing a green robe. His long hair spread over his shoulders, giving him a sort of free and easy appearance. That face of his could not be considered ordinary. Even though he was already very old, one could still vaguely see a handsomeness. It was likely that his appearance was definitely breathtaking when he was young. Looking at his outer appearance, he was clearly superior among the four Dou Zuns present. Perhaps it was because he practiced wind affinity Qi Method, but his demeanor appeared ethereal, giving others an unfathomable feeling.[1]

Personality Edit

Feng zun-zhe was usually light and carefree. Seldom would he lose himself in anger.[2]

History Edit

Went through life and death ordeals with Yao Lao in the past, one case at a Dou Sheng's remains where Yao Lao obtains Flame Mantra (chapter 1036). Eventually they form the Falling Star Pavilion, with Yao Lao as chief for his abilities and Feng Xian as leader for his management skills, or vice chief while Yao Lao is away. At some point he becomes Mu Qing Luan's teacher because of his friendship with her clan. While the pavilion is the newest among the four, he has the oldest reputation and four stars among the four Dou Zun representing each pavilion at the Four Pavilions Grand Meeting.

Four Pavilions Grand Meeting Edit

Appears to be the most carefree of the four Dou Zuns present until Xiao Yan reveals himself and his teacher's ring to him. After identifying the ring as Yao Lao's, he shows a serious complexion declare Xiao Yan under his protection. Then he invites Xiao Yan to call him teacher after seeing proof of Xiao Yan's wisp of Bone Chilling Flame from Yao Lao, and doesn't mind declaring war against the Wind-Lightning Pavilion to defend Xiao Yan.

After the Grand Meeting he briefly interrogates Han Feng's soul about Yao Lao's detainment.

Death Soul Mountain Range Edit

Arrives at Pill Tower with Tie Jian zun-zhe for the rescue mission of Yao Lao.

Trivia Edit

  • First mentioned in the manhua for devouring the Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill.
  • He is also hidden playboy during his youth time,it's been told he had many off-springs around Dou qi continent.


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