Break through and change for the better, or sink into the abyss. Paradise or hell is completely dependent on your thoughts.
Fa Ma to Xiao Yan[1]

Fa Ma is a Tier 6 Alchemist who taught Pill King Gu He and the chairman of the Jia Ma Empire Alchemist Association.[2]

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He is usually found asleep and rarely anything wakes him up.

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Back then, when Fa Ma was still young, he had coincidentally met an old man, whose ability was unfathomable, while he was roaming the continent. Due to some reason, the old man and Fa Ma lived together for three days. During those three days, the old man casually imparted some things to him. However, Fa Ma benefitted greatly from those things. By borrowing what the old man had taught, the originally unknown Fa Ma returned to the Jia Ma Empire and advanced step by step until this stage today. It was also because he had reached this step that Fa Ma increasingly realized just how terrifying the ability of that mysterious old man back then was.

That old man was Yao Lao.[2]

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The vague Qi that he sensed on Xiao Yan was quite similar to the one that the old man back then had, it was the reason that Fa Ma had abruptly lost himself.

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