The Central Plains is not as simple as it seems on the surface. The so-called One Hall One Tower, Two Sects Three Valleys, Four Pavilions is merely a general form of address. Some true top factions are hidden even more deeply than the Gu clan.[1]

Being born within an ancient clan comes with a far greater pressure than other places. There, one’s status is differentiated by the richness of one’s bloodline. [2]

The members from ancient clans would usually not practice a strengthening technique like the Skyfire Three Mysterious Flame because their clan tattoos were the most powerful Secret Techniques in the world!

Although these Secret Techniques would exhaust one, they would not harm their body even a little. Suffering a backlash from this Secret Technique would never happen. By being in possession of such a mysterious clan tattoo, those other Secret Techniques that relied on exhausting one’s blood or self-mutilation in order to increase one’s strength were not worth mentioning in their eyes.[3]

Clans Edit

Existing clan:

  • Xiao Clan - The most powerful ancient clan as it is the only clan with Dou Di, Xiao Yan.
  • Gu Clan - The second most powerful ancient clan with advance 9-Star Dou Sheng, Gu Yuan.
  • Lei Clan - Lei and Yan Clan are equal in strength as both clans have one 8-Star Dou Sheng.
  • Yan Clan

Destroyed clans:

  • Shi Clan - Destroyed by Hun Clan
  • Ling Clan - Destroyed by Hun Clan
  • Yao Clan - Destroyed by Hun Clan
  • Hun Clan - Destroyed by alliance of Sky Mansion Alliance, Gu Clan, Lei Clan, Yan Clan


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