This kind of fruit requires the absorption of the lifeforce from an Ancient Void Dragon and a Ancient Heaven Phoenix in order to gain a ten percent chance of being born.

The Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit is a mysterious treasure that is extremely unlikely to grow after absorbing the blood of an Ancient Void Dragon and that of a Heaven Phoenix. This kind of fruit can change the blood of an Ancient Dragon or Heaven Phoenix, allowing one’s body to possess the specialty of both creatures and gain a true Magical Beast king bloodline[1]

Appearance Edit

This fruit was the size of a palm. It was both golden and purple in colour. If one was to carefully observe it, one could discover that the golden half was twisting and turning, appearing just like a shrunk version of an Ancient Void Dragon. The other purple half was dancing with spread wings… a phoenix? That’s right. It was indeed a Heaven Demon Phoenix.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Even in the records of the Ancient Void Dragon, this Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit had only appeared for a mere five times. This is the sixth time.
  • It has only successfully been absorbed twice. One was obtained by the Heaven Phoenix. Hence, the Heaven Phoenix tribe produced an extremely powerful person. During that period of time, even the Ancient Void Dragon tribe was completely suppressed by them. Fortunately after a couple of hundred years, our Ancient Void Dragon tribe finally obtained a Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit and managed to turn things around. However, during the final bloody battle between the two tribes, those two experts, who possessed extremely powerful bloodlines, ended up dying together.[3]


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