One should note that Dou Technique training differed from Dou Qi training. If one were to learn a low Huang level Dou Technique, all that was required was one’s own hard work – grasped simply through trial and error. A mid or even high level technique, however, would require much more: it needed personal instruction from a Clan Technique Instructor.[1]

If one wanted to learn deep Dou Techniques then one needed to have an instructor who knew the tricks to that Dou Technique. [2]

Ranking Edit

  • Huang Class (Lowest): The most ordianry class of Dou Techniques.
  • Xuan Class: A High Xuan and Di class may merely have a one level distance, but the gap was just like that of the Heavens and the Earth. Most Xuan class Dou Techniques relied on the personal strength of the user to unleash its strength. However, a Di class Dou Technique was already able to rely on the natural energy to achieve an extermination-like destructive strength. One was a person and the other was the Heavens and Earth. There was basically no comparison between the two.[3]
  • Di Class: A Dou Technique of this class was not only rare but it was also extremely difficult to practice. Back then, Xiao Yan had also suffered greatly when practicing the ‘Flame Splitting Tsunami’ despite having Yao Lao teaching him by the side in order to barely reach a low level mastery. When he practiced the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’ some time earlier, he was also required to take the risk of undergoing the refining of his body with the wind-lightning strength. If Xiao Yan had not have the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ protecting his body, forget about reaching a low level mastery of the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’, he would not be able to enter even the most initial entry level. From this, it was sufficient for one to see the frightening gap between that of the Xuan class Dou Techniques and the Di class Dou Techniques which could not be remedied.[3]
  • Tian Class (Highest)

Classification Edit

  • Attack Dou Techniques
  • Defense Dou Techniques
  • Agility Dou Techniques

Trivia Edit

  • The higher the class of the Dou Technique, the higher the difficulty of practicing it would be.
  • There was only an extremely simple method for the retrieval of a Dou Technique. That was to kill this person. In that case, the Dou Technique that existed within his mind would naturally disappear.[4]


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