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In order to seize the Heavenly Flame from the Queen of Medusa, Xiao Yan was accompanied by the Yao Lao to the Tager Desert where the Snake-People lived. However, because of thirst, he misunderstood the oasis, and attracted the snake masters to catch up. Xiao Yan, who was not assisted by Yao Lao, was going to be killed by Yue Mei. In the moment of life and death, he was fortunate to be rescued by a masked Dou Emperor. Unexpectedly, the masked Dou Emperor and his party also came for Heavenly Flame. The Queen of Medusa refused the exchange conditions of the Gu He to exchange the Heavenly Flame. The masked Dou Emperor attacked the queen because she only came with her energy body, and the real queen was ready to swallow the Heavenly Flame somewhere and evolve into through a ritual. The Snake Chieftains attacked the Gu He and his party because they offended the Queen. Xiao Yan also perceived the Heavenly Flame in the melee, and sneaked into the Queen's personal island...

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