Chu Yun Empire is located west of the Jia Ma Empire. Within that empire, the number of poison masters exceeded any other empire.[1]

Poison Masters, an occupation that was spurned by almost everyone in the Jia Ma Empire, developed exceptionally well within the Chu Yun Empire. One could almost see people wearing the robes of a Poison Master within any single city. The Chu Yun Empire also showed a scene which was rarely seen within the Jia Ma Empire — the sale of poison.

There were some shops that specialized in the sale of poison in every single city of this empire. As long as it was something related to poison, it was possible to purchase them from these places. Things with greater poison properties would be more expensive.[2]

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  • A bright sun that was slowly rising from the horizon. This image was the symbol of the Chu Yun Empire.[3]


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