Her entire life has been filled with a legendary hue. When she was born, she already displayed a Spiritual Strength that shocked others. Her mother was nearly killed by the Spiritual Strength that spread from her. When she was seven years old, she had formally become an alchemist. At fifteen, she caught the eye of the Pill Tower and an exception was made to take her in as core disciple of the Pill Tower. She has trained quietly in the Pill Tower for five years. At twenty, she became the youngest tier 7 alchemist in the Cao clan.[1]

Appearance Edit

This lady had a tall and lovely figure. She was wearing a black-colored dress that emitted traces of her cold and haughty demeanor. Her skin was like snow. Her long hair scattered randomly over her shoulders. Her face was thin, but was exceptionally exquisite, appearing just like a porcelain statue, she had a sleek, red, small mouth.

Personality Edit

Cao Ying’s outer appearance might be smiling, but her heart was quite cold. Her smile contained a kind of dangerous feeling similar to that of being targeted by a poisonous snake. 


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