Black Seal Auction House

The Black Seal Auction House, is located in Black Horn Territory, Black Seal City. Is one of the most famous Auction Houses in the entire world. The Black Seal Auction has some of the most expensive and valuable treasures in the world. Famous Clan leaders move to the auction house when there´s even something as small as a rumour going around about a item in the Black Seal Auction House.

The highest price shown so far for a item was 12,000,000, and the lowest was 1,900,000. This shows just how powerful the people who purchase these items are. Some come to the auction just to see the majestic items that are being sold.

The Auctioneer´s are extremely skilled at what they do, and they know exactly how to hide impurities and other things.

Some examples of items are: Edit

  • Mysterious Ying Yang Dragon Pill (7th Rank Pill)
  • 3000 Lightning Movement
  • Tripple Imprint Spirit Pill
  • Piece of the Essence Flame map