The Beast Region has gathered nearly seventy percent of the Magical Beast clan. That place is the world of the Magical Beast. It includes the three great tribes of the Magical Beast world, the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python and the Ancient Void Dragon.

The subsidiary relationship in the Beast Region is extremely strong. A powerful tribe will possess many subsidiary tribes. These subsidiary tribes view the main tribe as the leader. There are many implications in these relationship. If one wish to discuss about it, it is even more complicated than the main sect and branch sect in the human world.[1]

The size of the Beast Region might not be comparable to the Central Plains but it was not something that could be slight. That stacking mountain range that extended endlessly was sufficient to allow one to feel the different wild atmosphere of this Beast Region.

Although the Beast Region is known for its hundred thousand large mountains, this was merely a rough estimate. If one was to really count them, it would definitely far exceed this number. These mountains spread into the distance where a human strength could not reach. Following the flow of time, countless of treasures had also been left behind in this endless mountain range, waiting for someone with the affinity to open them.[2]

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