A beast flame is the signature flame that is possessed by a distinctive magical beast . It can be absorbed by someone in order for them to gain the ability to use it.

It is very difficult for an alchemist to refine this kind of flame. They are born from within a Magic Beast so they are harder to tame as compared to a Heavenly Flame. Moreover, this kind of flame cannot be compared to a Heavenly Flame. It is only just slightly stronger than ordinary Dou Qi flame so no one would bother to exhaust a large amount of effort to tame it.[1]

These kinds of beast flames were usually obtained from the bodies of Magical Beasts. Their strength was not considered great. Some even failed when compares to a flame agglomerated from Dou Qi. Of course, one must also look at the level of the Magical Beast. Those beast flames within some frighteningly strong Magical Beast were naturally quite strong. One example was the unusual black flame of Feng Qing Er. If one of those old demons from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe appeared, it was likely that even if Xiao Yan unleashed the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame to its limit, he might not be able to suppress the other party. This was the gap between their strengths.[2]

List of beast flames Edit

Name Magical Beast Image
Accompanying Purple Crystal Essence Purple Crystal Winged Lion King
Beast Flame
Black Hell's Flame Eight Winged Black Snake King
Black Hell's Flame
Illusionary Golden Flame Illusionary Fire Scorpion Dragon  
Illusionary Golden Flame


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