A profession that is towers over a practitioner, they can fabricate different Medical Pills and elixirs which is different in use and strength. They are rare among all Practitioners and are considered special because of their abilities to refine pills and for their ability to easily gather helpers (strong Practitioners). You need to achieve abnormal criteria to become one. It is said that there needs to be a teacher through every step, but this is not always true (Xiao Yan is able to go from a Tier 5 Alchemist to Tier 8 Alchemist even though Yao Chen was imprisioned by the Hall of Souls and was unable to teach him during this time). There are nine Tiers when Ranking Alchemists that correlate to the tier level of pill one can refine. There is a rumored tier, but it is speculated that one must reach the level of a Practitioner to refine such a pill. The Alchemist's qualification examination happens once every 2 years. It is said that only 1 passes the second Tiers qualification exam every 5 years. Note that this period is in the Gama Empire only, whether this is true or not for other places, it is not mentioned in both the Light Novel or the manhua. You can take the qualification exam at an Alchemist Guild.

The Ranks of most Alchemists can be distinguished from the depth of color of their Alchemists' . Ordinary Alchemists use that are made from seaman; these are faint yellow in color. As their Tiers increases, the color turns darker and the strength of the grows stronger. Before a Alchemist is reaches the level of a magnet, they can only use their within a Medical Cauldron. Once they reach the level of a Practioner, then they can summon a outside of a medical Cauldron and out of their body to use in physical fights. This does not hold true for other types of

Alchemists can also use the of Magical Beasts and the Heavenly . The strength of these are related to the practitioner's Level, their level of seaman control, the level of the individual Magical Beasts which they obtained the from and the power of the Bloodline of the Magical Beasts. All these factors determine the strength a practitioner's when using a Magical Beast. Similarly, The Heavenly strength is very dependent on the the users Strength and the level they have reached as a Practitioner. But the Ultimate level of a Heavenly strength is heavily dependent on the Tiers of the Heavenly.

For a person to reach a first tier Alchemist they must be able to produce a pellet pill type.

Requirments to be a Alchemist Edit

  1. Requirements to be a Alchemist First is that they must be of the fire attribute. And then, within the fire attribute, one must have a tiny sliver of the wood attribute to act as a catalysis in pill-refining.
  2. In the Mainland, a person’s attribute is determined by their soul. Most soul since birth will only have a single attribute. A many few have two attributes, either they are born with two attributes or can gain a second attribute through various occurrences. In order for one to become an Alchemist, they must have both Fire and wood affinity.
  3. The Materials they use have to be natural treasures because even the best Alchemists can’t create a god-tier pill from trash materials.
  4. The Alchemists must have an incredible Strength; without a strong , even if one meets or even exceeds the other requirements, it would be pointless to try to refine pills.

List of Alchemists Edit

Tiers Alchemists
1st Xue Mei, Lin Fei, Liu Xi
2nd Yan Li (Dou King), Mister Clonney (3 Star Dou Grand Master)
3rd Princess Yue Er, Liu Ling (4 Star Dou Master), Gu Te (4 Star Dou Shi)
4th Guild Master Fu Lan Ke, Master Ao Tau, Han Xian
5th Fa Ma (Dou Emperor)
6th Gu He (Dou King)

Han Feng (Dou Emperor)

7th (Mortal State) Gu He (Light Novel)
8th (Soul State)
9th (Heavenly Soul State) Yao Lao (Grandmaster Alchemist)
10th (Di Soul State) Xiao Yan (Light Novel)


1st Tiers Pills: Edit

2nd Tiers Pills: Edit

  • Meredian Raise Pill
  • Voluptuous Boobs Pill
  • Qi Boosting Pill

3rd Tiers Pills: Edit

4th Tiers Pills: Edit

  • Vital Breath Pill (Day Vital Breath Pill)
  • Soul Eater Pill (Middle Class)
  • Triple Imprint Spirit Pill (Higher Class)

5th Tiers Pills: Edit

  • Blood Lotus Pill
  • Dragon Force Pill
  • Purple Restoration Pill
  • Dragon Power Pill

6th Tiers Pills: Edit

  • Clearing Soul Pill (Higher Class)
  • Breaking Zong Pill
  • Spirit Fusion Pill
  • Destruction Pill
  • Dou Ling Pill
  • Earth Spirit Pill
  • Snake Marrow Bone Molting Pill

7th Tiers Pills: Edit

8th Tiers Pills: Edit

  • First Start Pill
  • Bodhisattva Pill
  • Flame Demon Quiet Mysterious Pill

9th Tiers Pills: Edit

  • Great Bodhisattva Return Pill
  • Nine Yin Yellow Spring Pill
  • Lightning Calamity Pill

UnTiersed Pills:Edit

  • Qi-Accumulating Pill (I believe it is 4th Tiers in the novel.)
  • Youthful Pill
  • Flying PIll


  • Blood Coagulating Powder
  • Elixir of Foundation Spirits
  • Rejuvenating Powder
  • Qi Gathering Drink

Trivia Edit

  • Tiers 8 pills and above can be imbued or naturally develop a spirit. Along with this, the stronger the spirit, the higher the intelligence of the pill will be. The higher the level of the Tier (low level Tier 8, single colored Pill Lightning, versus High level Tier 8, 9 colored pill lightning, for example) the stronger the soul in the pill. 7 colored Pill Lightning pills can become pill beasts and have pill beast blood. Some of them can even fight against the creator. Rarely, Higher level tier 7 pills can contain trace amount of a spirit within them. Extremely rarely a tier 6 pill will have even a trace amount of a spirit in them.
  • They are called Alchemist by the translators in the light novel. In fact, considering the original letters, the term can be define as a master of pills and herbs refining.
  • Yao Lao claims that most male alchemists mix aphrodisiacs as their first independent project.